Friday, June 18, 2010

An inspirational effort to help the community...

These boys.... What hero's! This is the way to stand up and help your neighbor, America! This is what the boy scouts.....this is what youth! all about. Ready, Willing, and Able. Good show, boys!

I found this video on youtube..... and it is so refreshing to see youth standing by to help. :)

I only wish I had been so enterprising and helpful in my youth. he-he-he. It just never occurred to me. he-he-he.


Anonymous said...

LOL...a grand public service they are performing! I hope everything they wish for in the "basement" comes to fruition. May their small enterprise grow substantially and they never get stuck in a hard place.


Anonymous said...

You realize that this is satire or comedy...right? Look it up on please.

randy said...

Yes, Mr. Anonymous; We did realize it was satire, and we were following right along with a satire of our own. It was funny and even perhaps a bit inappropriate. Sorry if that didn't come through very well. It was all said tongue in cheek, as the saying goes.
Thank you very much for commenting. I truly do wish more folks would.