Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Some very thought provoking and intense pics....

Hello my friends;
I stumbled, quite literally, upon a site today that had some of the most intense, alive, vibrant and concerning pics. I had to post these as an applause to this site adm. He has such an eye for a form of beauty such as I have never seen in others. I am awestruck by the intensity of some of the pics. I hope you feel it too.


J said...

Hey Randy! You posted some really nice pictures today. The sculpture at the top was very interesting. I wish I could shed the old outer layers to uncover the boy that is inside of me.

Love and hugs, JR

randy said...

Hi JR;
Wasn't that just the greatest? I really wanted that one to be the first picture seen for this post. It is quite deep. Hugs, too. randy.

Anonymous said...

Hello Randy. I love the idea of youth coming a live out of the old.

Hugs and warm thoughts,