Monday, January 31, 2011


Hi Everyone;
I just read a very interesting article on Milkboys. Please visit
Fear is baseless all too often, and in a global news network where they are begging for your eyes to see the products they are peddling, it has simply become a sales technique - all the sadder. The mind, if I recall my freshman psychology classes from way-back, generalizes very well. Stereotypes come about because it is simpler to lump a potential threat in with the "danger" file so to quickly react than it is to ponder if that saber-toothed tiger is hungry or playful.
But, unless you know something I don't, there are few of those particular tigers about anymore. And yet, we in America seem to be confounded and surrounded by fears. Personally, I blame the tv. If you watch long enough you will realize that you don't dare go outside for fear of getting robbed, killed, hit by a car, sun poisoning, air pollution, ya-da, ya-da. But, I don't dare stay inside for fear of being killed by falling furniture, asbestos, death by reminds me of an old joke where the man laments hearing that 90% of accidental deaths occur less than 3 miles from the home - - he hasn't been home since.
"One of the things which danger does to you after a time is -, well, to kill emotion. I don't think I shall ever feel anything again except fear. None of us can hate anymore - or love."---- Graham Greene - The Confidential
I have shared with you how I've lived my life in a form of fear. I've feared to be true to my desires because....what will people think? My fears have placed me in a position of loneliness and being alone (yes, they are separate issues). But, as you also know, I'm working on that.
"What are fears but voices airy?Whispering harm where harm is not.And deluding the unwaryTill the fatal bolt is shot!"---- Wordsworth
I keep coming back to the thoughts expressed in the Milkboys article. I hope you read it. It offers anecdotes of moments when men have been feared despite doing what can only be described as helpful. Also, men have feared to help because "what will be said?". What is the end of this path?
"Fear is a tyrant and a despot, more terrible than the rack, more potent than the snake."---- Edgar Wallace - The Clue of the Twisted Candle (1916)
When we begin to fear, we stop thinking. How often I've heard this statement! And, yet despite that simple understanding, it is easier to fear than it is to think, to understand, to hope and even to love. Fear becomes the master, the ruler, and the more we fear the greater our worship of that quiet killer.
What we fear comes to pass more speedily than what we hope."---- Publilius Syrus - Moral Sayings (1st C B.C.)
You have probably found yourself with two main thoughts if you've gotten this being examples in your own life where you have seen fear or felt it and it's stopped you. The second....why is randy putting up all of these quotes? Well, to the second, I wanted to show that the simple understanding of the situation is so long in history, so deep in our culture's literature, so forward in our minds, and yet it still rules our days. Why?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Startled and Surprised...

I was so startled this weekend to come face to face with my school-age boy crush. After looking closer, I realized it wasn't him...but mostly becuase I don't think this picture is quite old enough. It sure looked like my friend.
You are probably lost. Sorry. I am referring to one of the very first posts I ever did. I wrote about a boy-crush I had when I was in school for a friend. I never told Tommy how I loved to just stare off into his eyes. At 13 that's a hard conversation to have. He had just recently died when I wrote that post, so you can imagine me seeing his picture now and how startled I would be.
When i started this blog, it was to speak about things that made me smile, that lifted my soul. It was to share with you a bit of my life.....the intimate bit; the things that were important to me. I have never given my name, for obvious reasons, but anyone reading this blog probably knows me better than someone who has known me by name and face for years. Well, I say all of that to say that I wanted to share with you my source for this picture and let you look for yourself. Maybe, like me, you will find someone who once took your breath away.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh! I Think I'm In Love!

Ever since I saw this guy singing in a video I've had the hots. He is so damned cute! That grin of his!!! ok, I'm too old for this. I hope you enjoy young Mr. Rybak.

Wow, what a week....

Hi Everyone; I've had a difficult week. Not bad difficult, but challenging. It has me worn out a bit, feeling a bit mellow. I sat down today and thought about what I want to share with you. I decided that I wanted to share just a little love and support. I'll post the naughty pictures later ;).
This last picture has me feeling lonely. Well, maybe more than just the last one. Sometimes I get so immersed into work or my business that I lose track of days, then along comes a moment where I have some spare moments, some quiet moments, and I realize just how quiet things really are. A great friend, a wonderful heartstrong and smart man, blogged today about how he was going through his difficulties and yet he finished speaking about them with a phrase that left me with a smile and even a tear for him. He talked about his blessings....the wonderful things he has going for him. Chief among his blessings is his husband. That was so special in my mind.
We get caught in our troubles, sometimes. We become immersed in pain, in lonliness, in wanting a love we just can't have. We talk about the injustice of the world, the costs are rising and the income is falling....... and it is in this last picture, especially, for me that tells me that everything can be ok. I don't have someone special in my life. But, there will be a day, and I will hopefully remember this moment and be sure to count my blessings.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Suddenly, it's the end of the world....I guess.

I guess one has to assume that sooner or later it will happen. It snows a lot. Therefore, the first thing that must occur is the building of a large snowman. It takes a bit more to assume that only one part of the large snowman would be built, but considering it was done by 18 yr. olds, it isn't that big a stretch of the imagination.
Who knew that posting yourself riding on a 7-foot tall snow penis could land you in such hot water?
Such is the case of a high school band director, who was pranked by former students. They built this monument to him in his own front yard. So, the teacher posed with it and posted it on his "facebook page"....done on his home computer and not on the school equipment. Also, the facebook page is not a part of his work place communication.
The question: should this activity, done at home and on his own time, effect his employment?
At what point are we private citizens and at what point do we remain responsible to the company for our private activities?
As you can imagine, this made it to the news.
As computer users, bloggers and readers, surfers, etc., this may effect us all in how we spend our private times away from our jobs. What are your thoughts?
One of the really interesting portions of the link listed above is the other comments on that page. One was about priorities, which I found interesting. Another was about good choices, which I found sage. Take a look.

Friday, January 21, 2011

What is the purpose of clothing?

Hello Everyone:
I recently got myself into an argument regarding the odd and perverse morality of Americans, at a collective whole. Specifically, the graphic nature of our entertainment in regard to violence and moral depravity - like lies, cheating, stealing, etc., and the paranoia about letting a bit of skin show. It's an argument I've had before. But, being a curious type, I goobled the title of this post. This is the first answer I got: Well so you wouldn't run around everywhere naked, what do you think they are for, huh ? Alternate answer. The use of clothing probably originated in the need to provide protection from weather conditions and to protect the body from sharp thorns and grasses etc. Nowadays the major reason for continuing to wear clothes is convention, after all you are unlike to encounter adverse weather conditions or sharp thorns in the comfort of your own home and yet most people still wear their clothes there, even when they are alone and there is no one else who they could offend. (
Well, it's 8 degrees with the little f here today -- and in celcius, that reads "blimy it's cold". So, anyone who is not wearing clothing today is less likely to be thought a rebel and more likely to be thought an ice-cicle. And yet, there was an odd statement there; notice the last sentence from Answers. Can I let that slide? Hmm. Ok, for now, but you all know what I'm thinking.
So, this first pic, making the rounds from, and the next, from where-? deals with the concepts of uniform. It also brings about a question for those with a military past: In the showers, where everyone is naked, do you still have to salute?
Personally, I think this uniform would have kept Star Trek in the top 10 for much longer. Still, a favorite show.
Ok, forgetting that Peter Parker wouldn't need a bike...
is SpiderMan still SpiderMan without the fancy outfit? Or, is it that we only know it's SpiderMan because of the outfit. If someone went flying through New York shooting webs out of their hands yet completely naked, would we wonder if that was SpiderMan? So, the uniform is only to define our role and rank? Why? And does this clown still bring a smile, without the whole suit?
The Human Body is one of the most beautiful and complex creations ever. We are blessed with the finesse and dexterity of hands that can sculpt masterpieces of art, build monuments of stone, and evoke ecstacy from our partners. Our mind is capable of outstripping - at least until very recently - the very best computers in such areas as chess and Jeopardy. We can run and walk a horse into the ground. Voices that can reproduce melodies of such Libera. And, in a pinch, be the canvas of even more art.
This strong and adaptable creation is capable of being at peace with the rest of creation. We can commune with the earth, feel the life around us, and swat mosquitos off our willy.
Is there a better image of being at peace? So why is it that this should be offensive? Clothing is a tool, a garb, a thing we put on to protect that which is most beautiful. In the right frame, clothing can be beautiful; like any art, the textile arts are very alive. But, in the end, it is throwing a tarp over a work of art that is far beyond our scope. And, perhaps that is the reason it offends...because it is not so easily copied. Oh, we can make little reproductions, but we don't exactly have the means of doing so on our own...just copying technique from the Master.
Ok, now this is just silly.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sweet Pics,

Hello everyone;
In keeping with Micky's advice, I am posting this group of pictures in pairs. It takes a bit more work, but I hope you like the result and are able to admire these beauties individually. I've titled this series "sweet", becuase that's what the first picture caused me to think right off. I also came to realize that there are people who would look at that same pic and think disgusting. Doesn't that just make you wonder?
The pictures I post on this blog are not always just what i see to be sexy. I've found that in looking for things to share with you, I'm not just trying to tickle your lust, but to focus on something that is beautiful for a variety of reasons. There is no shortage of raw sexual lust and tension in the world.
I hope you like what you see. If you do, please let me know why. If you don't, let me know that too. I'm open.

This pic really caught my eye becuase of the necklace. There are some who would see this as confllicting you?

Love and happiness.

Sweet #'s 3 & 4

These are both advertisement/models. What calls out to you?

sweet #'s 5 & 6

See if you can guess why this pic caught my eye.
It was a photographer's trick, but I like it.
Your thoughts...

sweet #'s 7 & 8

This pic struck me for the contrast of body language and printed statement.
My eye was caught by the confidence.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And while it is snowing away, more pics...

Hello All;
It's snowing like gang-busters (whatever that means) here. But, I can't go and play. I just spent the morning at the dentist, buying him a new boat. I hope he names it after me... S.S. Sucka, I think it would be. But, my fault...cavities.
But, on to the pic:
I found this picture interesting because it reminded me of picking flowers for my Mom on Mother's Day. She likes Lilacs, and as luck would have it, there were some growing near by.
But, also, this is not quite the activity we associate with the "snips and snails and puppy-dog tails" crowd. More the baseball, rough-housing type of stuff. So, I like it for it's different side of the expected boys life.
What do you see?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

ok, batch number 3 pics

I like how this pic shows another side of this boy.
Pink is not weak~

Miles encounters another bump, but presses on.

Hello all; Our friend Miles has lost his site...but no worries, he has found another and the "blogs that I like" will have this new addy as soon as I get done typing here. I am saddened that the powers that be are unable to see that what Miles posts are not intended to lead to "an attraction to children" but to celebrate the beauty that is in childhood. Many of us lost a portion of our childhood. I, personally, need more laughter, more smiles, more hope in my life. The happy smiling faces that look out from his site are a life-affirming vision, a slice of God's perfect creation before the ravages of this world settle down upon their shoulders. I see good things in his posts, not pornographic. I am saddened that the powers that be seem to have lost the ability to see the good and are only open to porn. That's, quite frankly, messed up! Carry on, Miles!

A wonderful singer

Hello all; I was off visiting the many blogs of Gilbert....he is in the "followers", though it should be the other way around, truth to tell..... and saw such a wonderful vid of Johnny Hammer singing my favorite song "Mary Did You Know" in a sort of techno beat. I loved it! Please visit friend Gilbert's site to see this vid and other great stuff. You better post this vid next Christmas, Gilbert...or I'll steal it from you and post it myself!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

There is a new story in the story blog...

Hi everyone; There's a new story in the story blog titled Brother Benji. It's a bit odd and may be difficult to understand. I would say the best way is to think of it as another land and allow your imagination to fill in blanks. Much of the language is a sort of old world style, I thought of a brittish accent as I wrote it. I hope you like it.

Some issues I'm struggling with...

Hello everyone;
I am the very proud and fortunate recipient of great advice from a great friend. One of the things we have been talking about lately is my getting out there and meeting people. Well, as many have found, meeting people is not always so easy.
One of my problems is that I am very much in the closet. Of course, being in the closet is often less who doesn't know vs. who I haven't told. I think the whole closet thing is one of a glass door, and often people who know us well already know. No matter, being in the closet is just part of my current situation.
I live in a small town, where that whole six degrees of separation is down closer to three. So, although I would really like to take part in activities and meet people who are gay, I'm very nervous that it will become known and will negatively effect my job. Ok, shallow, but jobs are very scarce...very. I have responsibilities that require I be employed, such as house payments and the other multitude of bills that come with that. This is a real concern.
So, my question I put out to you is this: do you have any suggestions or have you ever been in similar situations and what did you do?
I'd like to say that I'm not a "run out and do it" type of person, but I am becoming braver and better prepared. I probably won't jump on the advice you give, but it will greatly color my thoughts and my coming moves. Thanks for your help.

Second batch of pics...

Hello friend; As I said before, Micky suggested that I make these into smaller batches. I've noticed that he prefers to put one pic up at a time. It's really nothing more than the stroke of a button or two, so no matter to me. Does anyone else have a preference for the number of pics per post? This series is of pics that I noticed in my web-world travels. Sometimes I see a pic and it makes me say "wow", sometimes it touches my heart, and sometimes I find myself not really understanding the message. Seeing the picture vs. understanding the picture, ya know. I hope these touch you, too. I'm not sure what this one is saying... I love the eagle eye intensity.... but it looks a bit like a Zoolander pose.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Somehow this one seems right up Miles' alley (pun intended)

I had to laugh at how serious everything was able to be kept...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pics with interesting and odd aspects

Hello friends; I found this in the net, on various places but most on the old tumble. Interesting place, never really visited before. Anyway, these pics caught my eye for being different. Some I don't quite have an understanding of the meaning....guess I'm a bit naive. Still, take a look and let me know what you think. Many Thanks to the originators in the land of the tumble. The intensity of the expression, it seemed so very sad even...
and it makes me wonder if it's an act or real???
This one I liked the coloring and minimalization of something grand.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Fear that Prevades...

Those of you reading the title are wondering if I've lost my dictionary. Nope, just coining a term: prevade, what comes before invade. It's a bastardized form of the word pervade, meaning to be spread throughout. As we begin this new year, we begin with hope. Don't we? Every new something should begin with hope. This new year, the incoming congress hopes to destroy the inroads that the last one made to end or at least lessen the devastation of the middle class and the rights of all people. See..... there's hope for you. my goal is to make 2011 my year of hope. Hey, if hollywood is right, it's all going to end in 2012 anyway, may as well enjoy life while it's here! I saw this vid, and though it's a few months old it seemed still so very real and valid. Check it out.