Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And while it is snowing away, more pics...

Hello All;
It's snowing like gang-busters (whatever that means) here. But, I can't go and play. I just spent the morning at the dentist, buying him a new boat. I hope he names it after me... S.S. Sucka, I think it would be. But, my fault...cavities.
But, on to the pic:
I found this picture interesting because it reminded me of picking flowers for my Mom on Mother's Day. She likes Lilacs, and as luck would have it, there were some growing near by.
But, also, this is not quite the activity we associate with the "snips and snails and puppy-dog tails" crowd. More the baseball, rough-housing type of stuff. So, I like it for it's different side of the expected boys life.
What do you see?


Anonymous said...

I love this picture too.

And yes, I've seen plenty of boys picking flowers to take home to Mum!

Have some fun with the snow!

randy said...

Hi Micky;
It is a wonderful pic, huh.
I don't know if I ever mentioned it or not...but I have a relatively small snow-blower and use it to clean neighborhood drives for a bit of extra cash. It's amazing, no matter how careful I am to check the wind direction, I will get a face full of snow at least twice. Murphy's Law, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Hey Randy, We here both need to make some payments on that boat. Seems we have ignored the dentist too long also. Seems time goes by so fast, it is hard to fit everything in. But it is important, we have a guy in one ICU who will need very extensive heart surgery because he let his mouth get so bad it vegetatated his heart and he has been in the ICU out of his mind and near death for a six weeks.

Hugs, Big Hugs,

randy said...

Hi Scottie;
I don't know what "vegetated" means, but I suddenly have the urge to floss!!!!
I'd heard that poor dental care can be a precursor to other health problems. I can't help but to wonder why dental insurance is so dang expensive, then. It ought to be cheap so people would take better care of their teeth. I put out almost 900 in two days!! I'm not sad that I did, I need my teeth....a toothless man is sexy in only one aspect for many people...I need the best smile I can manage!
I just checked weather for this morning...almost 60 there, 18 here! That ain't quite fair! Share the warmth, man!
hugs and love to you,

Anonymous said...

Hello Randy it is a vegetation that looks like broccoli. It is a green vegetation that spread to your heart. It grows int he heart. It can happen other ways but that is the most common. it is called bacterial endocarditis.

I am sending you all the warmth I can with the hopes it warms you both inside and outside. Hugs

randy said...

Well Scottie;
I just got the shivers from that...but hearing from you always brings me warmth. :)