Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Humanity. We are capable of such great feats!

  If you watch this video, you will see a fairly large group of people expend a fair amount of effort and money over the course of a full day to save one small life.  We are a strange people, my friends.  We seem incapable of placing a finite value on life one moment, then throw it away as refuse the next.  I am warmed, grinning and happy at seeing humanity at its best. 
  Please support your local  Humane Society.  http://www.michiganhumane.org/

Happy Valentine's Day

Just a drop in the bucket,
we hurt again and again.
Pain given without thought,
in anger, frustration, and even a grin.
We forget we hurt others
when our words go out like knives.
They seek out soft hearts
and wreak havoc on kind lives.
Let me this day reform.
Let my words be always kind.
Let me be the port in the storm
for the weary soul to find.
Let my heart grow strong.
Let love find me willing.
Let me be ready for who comes along
and makes this poor life worth living.