Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Just a drop in the bucket,
we hurt again and again.
Pain given without thought,
in anger, frustration, and even a grin.
We forget we hurt others
when our words go out like knives.
They seek out soft hearts
and wreak havoc on kind lives.
Let me this day reform.
Let my words be always kind.
Let me be the port in the storm
for the weary soul to find.
Let my heart grow strong.
Let love find me willing.
Let me be ready for who comes along
and makes this poor life worth living.


Scottie said...

Wonderful poem Randy. I heard it said once that a man offended is the hardest man to get forgiveness from. As I am sure I have both offended others, and done things I need forgiveness for, I try my best to think of others and limit an offence I give. It can't be helped some times, and people can easily misunderstand each other, but it is easier to be forgiven when you are willing to forgive also. Many hugs and loves. You are a wonderful person.

randy said...

Hi Scottie
I'm retyping my response to you... I'll try not to do comments with the kindle in the future. You ended up "Scottish". Sorry.

Again, thank you for your appreciation of the poem. I am not good, but I like to write them. Even if they don't always meet the standards of a proper poem.
I commented that "if only I could hear myself before I open my yap". I seem to get myself in such trouble. For a couple of years, I spoke so very little - didn't help. It just seemed to take fewer total words before my foot was in my mouth. Ah well.

Many hugs, and please don't overdo the work hours.