Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Hatred

Hi Friends;
  I have seen this pic numerous times.  It's powerful, it's disheartening, frightening.  But, today... perhaps because I was looking into some things about Buddhism and some of my very well constructed walls had slipped a bit, it just hit me a bit harder.
  I have used the word "hate" like most people.  I have few "hates".... I hate those little silverfish bugs.  They disgust me, and seem to get into everything.  Birds and spiders don't seem to want to eat them... which makes me think their place on earth is less than wholesome (see "Men In Black"??).  I'm growing to hate this new bug to invade my area, the "stinkbug".  It gets into the house in the fall in attempts to winter over in my warm abode, which I find quite rude.  They scare Gracie, for some reason.  I get the feeling that she snapped at one and found out why they are called "stinkbugs".  When I was little, I "hated" sauerkraut.  Still don't like it.  I "hate" it when the screw falls off my drill phillips bit.  Dang magnets never hold, and if you are standing near by you will clearly hear me call it the worst names I can imagine.  I hate it that my hammer has a hard on for my thumb!  And, I hate that I inevitably have to then fix whatever I just threw my hammer at in frustration.
  But, I don't hate "people who..." anymore.  I will never again.  Because, I remember sitting just like that.