Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Hatred

Hi Friends;
  I have seen this pic numerous times.  It's powerful, it's disheartening, frightening.  But, today... perhaps because I was looking into some things about Buddhism and some of my very well constructed walls had slipped a bit, it just hit me a bit harder.
  I have used the word "hate" like most people.  I have few "hates".... I hate those little silverfish bugs.  They disgust me, and seem to get into everything.  Birds and spiders don't seem to want to eat them... which makes me think their place on earth is less than wholesome (see "Men In Black"??).  I'm growing to hate this new bug to invade my area, the "stinkbug".  It gets into the house in the fall in attempts to winter over in my warm abode, which I find quite rude.  They scare Gracie, for some reason.  I get the feeling that she snapped at one and found out why they are called "stinkbugs".  When I was little, I "hated" sauerkraut.  Still don't like it.  I "hate" it when the screw falls off my drill phillips bit.  Dang magnets never hold, and if you are standing near by you will clearly hear me call it the worst names I can imagine.  I hate it that my hammer has a hard on for my thumb!  And, I hate that I inevitably have to then fix whatever I just threw my hammer at in frustration.
  But, I don't hate "people who..." anymore.  I will never again.  Because, I remember sitting just like that.



Sammy B said...

Hello Randy
And what engenders the 'hate', more often than not? The supposed 'love' of God(s). And yes, I sat on my own wondering why I'd been fated to be 'different', too.

Love & best wishes
Sammy B

randy said...

Hi Sammy;
Yeah... in some weird twist of the need to be right, the very people called to love instead respond in condemnation and division. Oddly enough, instead of feeling guilty about their rabid response, they somehow believe themselves more pure for their hatred. If only there was a book that told them how to respond in a loving and helpful manner...


Anonymous said...

Hello Randy,
maybe two stragtegies could help:
First is, tell them haters how far away in the past their "thinking" is:
5000 years ago, when the bible was written, the earth was inhabited with just 7 Million people and the bible' laws were made up for just these 7 million people - for a society without any the worlds society is topping to nearly 7 billion people. Schience has brought men to MARS and Vojagers even to Jupiter and out of our galaxy. We know exactely about nearly everything. Shouldn't the world be ruled by other laws than those , which were appliccable for 7 Million????
So tell them to read the +++ NEW TESTAMENT!!+++

The second approach could be, as it was done in Europe:
Scientists found out the number of Child- molesters among the priests/clergymen and nuns - and make this numbers public!!!
It was more than 12000 in England and nearly the same numbers in Scotland, in Ireland, in the Netherlands and in Germany.
( I have no other numbers from Other countries.)

Hope that gives you something to think of.

When I was a teacher my most important goal was to show all kids that I RESPECTED them , - and to make this clear to parents, who thought, that their kids BELONGED to them.

This could also be a good approch in my opinion.

with rainbowhugs

randy said...

Hello Miles;
Of course, always important that we do not cause others harm... I like what you say that we need to be respectful of others. I think all too often parents do not feel that they need to respect their children, only expect them to obey. And, like you say, as property... wow... they have no right to be their own person, do they.
Many smiles and rainbow hugs, too.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame no one ever fixed the spelling on the poster. I "hate" misspelled words, especially common ones! HAHAHAHA

But the sentiment is exactly correct.

I thought about last evening, as I laughed with two strangers - two black ladies leaving the same restaurant I was, and their child who turned to look at me and almost pulled mommy to a stop - and thinking that as a kid I would NEVER have spoken to them because my father had basically indoctrinated me with stuff about blacks being somehow inferior.

I think my own late in life acceptance of who I am (and what I am) has tempered any previously ingrained "hate" - though the 30 years with the scouts taught me that all of us are pretty much the same, save a few pieces of baggage that we all carry around and doesn't change who we are!

Peace <3

Anonymous said...

@ Jay M.: I am more tolerat in spelling, since I - as a German try to write my texts in English/American
- as long as there is no spellchecker, - makin his own new mistakes HAHAHAHa :)
with rainbowhugs
<3 miles

Anonymous said...

I make allowance for those whose first language isn't English, Lord knows we have the most difficult set of spelling rules in any written language. But c'mon, someone, most likely and American, found a cool picture, put it in Photoshop or an equivalent, and misspelled an IMPORTANT word! And none of their friends or anyone pointed it out.
Peace <3

Anonymous said...

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