Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Myth of the Gay Agenda

Hello Everyone;

  This link is for something so profoundly simply, but so very necessary.  I hope you will click on it and watch - I don't think you will be disappointed.
 Sometimes when I reblog a post from Milkboys I feel a bit silly.  They have such a huge readership I can only presume you all have read it.  So, maybe it's just that it interests me and I want to be sure I have a link somewhere so I can find it again.  Maybe there's that one person who missed it on Milkboys and my pointing to it prompts a second look.  Maybe I've just wasted five minutes and should just give you the link and shut up.  Yeah, maybe....  ok, here it is.  It's great, please watch.

The Right to Parent

Hello Friends;

  As many of you who have read this blog know, I have some trigger topics.  Gay rights.  Child rights.
Human rights.  Dogs.  Music.  ..... there's a few more, but those catch my attention.

  This morning I was looking through my email.  I saw an article on Yahoo's front page that caught my eye.  (HERE)  It was about a father losing custody of his children and them coming up to be adopted because of his weight. 

  Now, normally on Saturdays, I am off to a pet rescue adoption event - provided I'm in town.  Today I just don't have the time or the stamina - this new job is wearing me out!  But,  in thinking about this man's rights to have his children, I'm reminded of a conversation I had with Scottie somewhat recently.  You see, to adopt a dog or cat from this rescue organization, there are certain requirements:  One must have a stable home capable of having the animal.  For instance:  placing a high energy large breed in an apartment is a poor combination.   Secondly, if you've had a pet in the past, what vet. was used?  We will check with the vet to be sure there were no abuse issues.  There are costs involved in adopting - mostly to help cover the neuter, shots and microchip - so to a small extent, financial ability to care for the pet is sort of considered.  Long end of the deal:  we want to be sure placing a pet in this person's home is a good "forever" match.
  So, let's consider the requirements for having a child:  Man.  Woman.  Sex.  9-months and a lot of sweat.  Bingo, it's a baby.  How to care for it?  How to afford it?  Well, rarely does that come up.  It's a slope that once started down becomes dicey at best.  For instance, can we tell someone they are not allowed to have a child because they are very overweight?  That's what happened to this man.
  What would be next?  You can't have a child because you don't make enough money?  What constitutes enough money?  Should one have to be married to have a child?  Hetero only?  What if the government decided that we would need a license to have a child - like we need to drive a car, a boat, have a dog?  Could we have racial profiling used to steer acceptance?  How big of a mess could this become?
  And in amongst this mess are all these small souls who had no real vote in the matter of coming into the world and want only to be cared for and loved.  Who can now love and care for them?  Can a gay couple - male or female pair - adopt them?  Love them?  Help them grow into great people?  Well, not really - the power mad declare that a child is best raised in a loving environment of hetero persuasion, don't you know.  Which is much like saying that everyone should drive a brand new four wheel drive who live in snowy environments.... great to say, but unlikely to occur.  And, failing to provide what they deem ideal, then the answer must be the limbo of foster care?
  I guess in the end, I have no answer to any of this.  Should that man lose his progeny because he is overweight?  What is good enough reason?  What really ought to be is that we as a people become responsible for our decisions, grow up, and do what is right.  Until then, I guess we are going to be at the mercy of a government agency convinced it knows what's best - no matter how asinine.
  What do you think?