Friday, June 10, 2011

An Update on Jordan

Hi Friends; I received an update regarding Jordan's case from Melissa at Justice4Juveniles. Please read below...If you click on the blue ribbon, it will take to you the Justice4Juvenile site, where you can learn more about Jordan. Please sign the petition noted below.

Thank you!


The Pennsylvania AGs office wants Jordan to admit to the murders if he is to have the case moved from adult court [to juvenile/family court] and Motto won't be ruling or listening to arguments on the matter until August (so it has been further delayed for no apparent reason).

What I've done is created a petition directed at the AGs office. I want to get as many signatures as possible to put pressure on them to move this case along and to refrain from doing things that violate Jordan's constitutional rights (like asking him to admit to a crime he says he did not do - it goes against his right not to self-incriminate).

Would you post a link to the petition and ask people to sign it? Also, would you mind signing it yourself? I plan to work as hard as i can to get signatures and then get this out to the AGs office before August to let them know people know what's going on and they don't like it.

Here's a link:

Thank you again for everything,