Saturday, August 13, 2011

Who are they?

They told me “Come as you are”, and so I raised my hand when the call went out. “Who would give his heart to God?” “Who will stand and proclaim ‘I believe’”. I raised my hand. I went to stand before God and tell him that I would believe, that I would love Him, and that I would proclaim Him as my savior.

“It is a personal walk” they told me, then stood in the way and forced me to walk their way.

“God is Love” they told me, then proceeded to tell me how He would hate me for loving men rather than women.

“God forgives” they told me, then stood in judgment of me.

“God will never leave nor forsake you” they told me, then cast me out into the cold, alone.

God says, “lean not unto thine own understandings…” That is good, Lord, for I surely don’t understand.