Saturday, August 13, 2011

Who are they?

They told me “Come as you are”, and so I raised my hand when the call went out. “Who would give his heart to God?” “Who will stand and proclaim ‘I believe’”. I raised my hand. I went to stand before God and tell him that I would believe, that I would love Him, and that I would proclaim Him as my savior.

“It is a personal walk” they told me, then stood in the way and forced me to walk their way.

“God is Love” they told me, then proceeded to tell me how He would hate me for loving men rather than women.

“God forgives” they told me, then stood in judgment of me.

“God will never leave nor forsake you” they told me, then cast me out into the cold, alone.

God says, “lean not unto thine own understandings…” That is good, Lord, for I surely don’t understand.


Doug said...

Unfortunately there are pastors out there who choose only to follow parts of the Bible. I am a pastor that knows what Jesus said and obeys it. The Bible says everyone sins but we are not to judge anybody for their sins. That is between that person and God. The Bible also says we should ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ This is the second greatest commandment. I do not care if you are gay, bi, straight, Christian, or another religion. I love everybody and I will show God's love to everybody.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Randy,
Is this babble from today's churches. Thus far we were here in the 50/60er when all still heard on the Chlerus. I do not understand the Americans. On one hand They want to be the ideal of freedom and a model for the whole world, on the other hand, they live in a world that she patronized, and is totally dependent on Chlerus.

Sammy B said...

Hello Randy
If I wasn't already a long-standing atheist, the current crop of fundamentalists would undoubtedly have converted me to that way of thinking. The sheer hypocrisy of these people is breathtaking - God loves long as they're exactly like us and slavishly do as we say.

Love & best wishes
Sammy B

randy said...

Hi Sammy, Nikki, and Doug;
I normally respond individually, but I think I had my say here...speak on, my friends. Thankyou..

Scottie said...

Hello Randy. I am not addressing the fellowship part of your post as much as the words of wisdom. I have found many words of wisdom from the bible, the Koran, the other holy books of the world, and I have found grand words of wisdom in old sayings of mortal men and women. I guess it depends on the listener, if you are willing to listen , ponder, and use the words you hear, you take great meaning in all the many place of the world. IF you only want to find what you already agree with you will only find that in the place you decide is the correct one. Weird , eh?

to the idea of fellowship I am a huge believer in it if done as an uplifting experiences. Any time tow or more are gathered it is fellowship, and I support all types of gatherings that better the human species.

Many brotherly hugs for you.

randy said...

Thank you, Scottie;
and many brotherly hugs to you.

Greg said...

Howdy Randy,
I'm a straight Christian and will not hate or despise you. I can see my own sins and know the only perfect person to ever walk this earth was Jesus. We're all the same. I'm not better than you, nor is anyone else. This Christian loves you and calls you brother. Listen to God only, and trust only Him.

I woke up this morning with the phrase "or words to that effect" in my head and had to google it. It lead me to your blog. Maybe it was to post this and get me to think.

randy said...

Thank you, Greg;
I am glad to find another believer, and one who isn't so judgemental. Believe it or not, based upon my experience, you are in a minority, which is sad. I invite you to look around and while you might not like some of the pics, perhaps there are essays that will be enjoyable. Whatever, thank you for visiting today and welcome to the blog.