Thursday, August 11, 2011

Memory problems...


Anonymous said...

hi Randy, Hi all,
it was W. Bush's grandfatherr who started making that mass by promoting Hitler by giving him money, cause Hitler promised, to take on thee Russian "Communists"
Many of the german Bosses of the economy did just the same.
For all of them Communism was a greateer threat than the Nazis.
<3 miles

randy said...

Hi Miles;
I wasn't at all aware of this. Your comment prompted me to do a bit of research. I was surprised by the history of the Bush family and the manner in which it has become nearly an heirloom of political power. I see that there is "speculation" about the ties to Hitler, but that may be more camoflage than real doubt. Don't know.
Thank you for the interesting information!

Anonymous said...

hi Randy,
I thinks, you can be sure you read facts, cause the Guardian also wrote them - against the bushfamily, who sure didnt't like to read that.
It is sure more of facts, than what Mc Murdoch wrote in his "Newspapers" lately. :(
loving hugs
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