Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Is this who we want as our leader?

  In a stunning moment of divine translation, Republican Presidential hope Michelle Bachman has decreed the recent hurricane Irene to be an act of God, specifically to put Ms. Bachman into the presidency. 
  Really?  You mean it has nothing to do with a natural progression of storms that have been a part of this world for the known history and in fact presumably the last million years or more?  It's just God saying "vote Republican or you'll get more of this"?  Wow.
  And, in this moment of trial for thousands, millions even, of Americans who have seen their entire lives washed down the street, some even losing their lives, and now are dealing with the heartache and confusion of what to do, Ms. Bachman's response is not of compassion and help, it is of laughter and 'you deserved it because God did it.  Vote Republican.'  Billions of dollars in damage.... should really vote Republican.
  What about the little old lady who not only votes Republican in all things, still with a crush on Ronald Reagan, but works diligently for the GOP in all party elections?  Did she need to suffer also?  What did she do wrong, Ms. Bachman?  Or, how about the heat in Texas?  Is that because they are closer to the fires of hell and need to change their ways or the devil is going to get them....or could it be they are just much closer to the equator than say, oh...Minnesota, and thereby get a bit more of the heat.  I guess it all depends on what silly ass point you are trying to make, huh.
  How about the child who died, the family without power and losing their food and all possessions due to water damage?  What about the roads destroyed, the business destroyed, the mud and the water and the wreckage, and what about all the people out of work and homeless, afraid and hungry?  Well, I guess they should have voted Republican.  According to Ms. Bachman, you heathens had it coming.