Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Horror of Cold Hearts

Hello My Friends;

  This little dear is our newest addition at the rescue organization.  She is 5-weeks old, which is too young to be separated from her mother, and was rescued from a snow bank on Saturday 1/26.  Yes, my friends - in Michigan, in January, some jerk threw out this little baby.
  I want to hurt someone.
  Why don't people understand that there are other ways?  There are no less than three volunteer rescue organizations in this county, not counting the Humane Society and Animal Control.  Further, most who owns a pet would have taken this puppy in rather than see it die in the cold.  But, some heartless wonder decided to simply throw it in the cold.
  But, the good news:  We had two applications put in on her today.  In a very short amount of time, this baby will be in a home, with people who love her and who she can love.    

  I read a comment today about someone talking about how certain people are a perversion, bringing about the sure judgement of an angry god.  Do you want to know my opinion?  It isn't about who you love, only that you love.  Only that you care.  Only that the hope of life lives in your heart.  Only that you wouldn't throw a baby in the snow to die.  I think that's what God wants from us.