Friday, July 2, 2010

In a very serious situation, some take things just a bit too seriously.

I'm sure this has a great deal of meaning to those who are involved. It does my heart good to see them shake hands there at the closing. But, from my very limited perspective, this is very odd behavior.

Ok, now I'm pissed!

Hi Everyone; Yep, here I sit, pissed off! I'm hoping all who read this will investigate on thier own and tell their friends....shoot, tell your enemies too. I have received 4 calls in the last two months from an organization that depicts itself as standing up for children with leukemia. Now, helping sick kids.....that's a heartstring button if there ever was one. You tell me you need money to help a sick kid I ask where and when. But, something slowed me down on this one. I asked them to send me their information so I could investigate their charity. Oooh, it got quiet. It got real quiet. "We can't do that, sir". Hmm. They told me that because mailing out the information was cost prohibitive I would need to commit a donation. Well, that wasn't going to happen, but I bought their line about the expense and shrugged it off as just not something that was going to work out. Then I got their next call. Well, today I have received my fourth call from them. Now, that is four calls that I have answered. My caller id lists at least 10 others. Since that first call, I have informed the solicitor that I would not donate without better information. Today's call interrupted my sleep and I answered out of habit, barely awake. I angrily told the solicitor that they have yet to send the information yet continue to call asking for money. Do not call me again. Would you believe the jerk hung up on me?! Well, google to the rescue. I asked how to rate a charity and found a site that showed the rating for this charity was 2-of-4 stars. Most of that was for "capacity" how much could they fleece. They give out less than 1% of the revenue. I can't wait for the next call !!! So, here is my request to you: If you get a call for donations, be generous - but wise. Look up the expenses to dispersals rate. How much of a dollar gets to the child. If it's a scam, I say let them have it with both barrels! What assholes. Aaargh!