Thursday, August 18, 2011

I came home very angry and wanted to tell you about it...


Hi Everyone;
  I had one of those happenings at work that just made me want to rip someone's head off.  Carelessness, a general lack of concern or using the knoodle...the brain, not the other noodle, perverts! one of my chief people damaged my tool box.  Now, not the end of the world, but as I was using a shovel and broom to collect up my tools and belongings, throw out my favorite coffee cup, find $1.20 in change I didn't know was in there, my so called cheif person proceded to finish the task I'd sent him upon...and did it in the manner I told him not to.  Aaargh!
  So what's a few bent drawers and busted slides on a $300 tool box?  No big deal...a few spot welds and judicious use of a large hammer, no one will ever suspect.  But, dang took me almost a year to pay for that tool box, and, and, and,  ... oh, forget it.  I'm going home and deal with it tomarrow.
  I get home, and think about this rant I've saved just for you all about how people seem totally unthinking now~days.  I was going to tell you how they almost get to the point of saying, 'hey, it's not my job to think'.  And, even simple care for other's things over the care we would put into our own.  I had a great rant in my mind and went looking for a picture to tell the story........and began to laugh my butt off.  Is it wrong to laugh at these pics of other people being angry?  The puppy did it for me first, but then the one of McCain was so blatantly staged and cartoonist, I started laughing at them all.  I mean, how does one take himself seriously after seeing a picture of a mad beaver?  There's a one liner.... 
  So, I'm not angry anymore.  Go figure.