Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dominant Ideology

What is the dominant ideology of your world? Is it the same seen on the 6:00 news? Is it written in the local newspaper? Do you see it from the pulpit? Now, here is the big question: is it factual? Or, here one: is it right? One of the wars going on in my mind is the conflict I feel being raised in the republican conservative all's-good-on-Sunday-if-we-don't-talk-about-it ideas. I read Scottie's calling out and wonder if he sees it so clearly why are we not seeing it in other media. I look into the words of those who pound the podium in self-agandizement soon found charlatan and hypocrite and wonder if they can continue spouting the party line despite their life then the party must only care about the line not the messenger. And, it's eaten up. That line of ___ is eaten up by a populace that just doesn't want to think, to feel, to know. Somewhere it just wants to be assured, consoled and patted on the back. It wants to believe that the little world in which it lives is right with God and man. It wants to find someone to really doesn't care who, as long as it's someone, or at least something, but just one or two to keep things understandable. It doesn't want anything to really love outside of itself, maybe it's offspring as long as no one threatens the status quo. It's living life as a marshmallow....keep it in a nice climate and all is sweet and good. I feel hurt and angered when I hear people pounding the podium, where-ever that particular "podium" is found. Soap-box politics; let me stand up and shout out the party line and all is good. Think? oh hell no! Just follow. It's ever so much easier. Thank you to all those out there who force me to think. To come out of my little comfort zone, typically kicking and screaming, and look at the world around me, to look at the me in the world. I love this song. I hope you do too.