Monday, February 6, 2012


Hi Friends;

  One of the most irritating aspects of blogging is spam.  What is it with these people?  To be honest, if you really want me to hate your product, to spit everytime I see or hear of it, to want to burn in effigy the very corporation that.... ok, well, you get my point.  If someone really wanted my business, then the last thing they should do is send me spam about the dang thing. 
  What's worse?  An incredibly horrid attempt at the language where it becomes so very obvious that not only do you have no idea what my blog is about but that you used a thesaurus to pick every single word.. ..and got most wrong.  I mean, I'm a fair guy.  You aren't local?  Ok.  You have a product you think I'd like?  Ok.  You believe I wanted to be hounded by poorly worded ads for things I would never purchase?  Really?
  Spam:  Irritating, obnoxious, and not appreciated.  Yet you persist.  WTF?