Monday, February 6, 2012


Hi Friends;

  One of the most irritating aspects of blogging is spam.  What is it with these people?  To be honest, if you really want me to hate your product, to spit everytime I see or hear of it, to want to burn in effigy the very corporation that.... ok, well, you get my point.  If someone really wanted my business, then the last thing they should do is send me spam about the dang thing. 
  What's worse?  An incredibly horrid attempt at the language where it becomes so very obvious that not only do you have no idea what my blog is about but that you used a thesaurus to pick every single word.. ..and got most wrong.  I mean, I'm a fair guy.  You aren't local?  Ok.  You have a product you think I'd like?  Ok.  You believe I wanted to be hounded by poorly worded ads for things I would never purchase?  Really?
  Spam:  Irritating, obnoxious, and not appreciated.  Yet you persist.  WTF?


Anonymous said...

Hallo Randy,
They probably have success with this "spam" method, otherwise they would not do it.
We have a saying: "Constant dripping hollows out the stone".

randy said...

Hi Nikki;
You are right, there must be an upside.
The thought that came to my head, though, was "constant stoning would shut up that drip". They really aggravate me.

Would you believe I got a spam on my "spam" post?!

Be well!

Anonymous said...

Hi Randy,

I just dont see spam very often.
I know that we pay for the conveniences in surfing with spam.
This means google in first place, and directely affiliated to them Chrome-Browser, Android OS, youtube, spoogle earth and blogger, picasa, google-Mail ---
As long as people don't stop, using Google - services, google will not stop Spying on those, who take their Conveniences for granted.
But all those Conveniences are NOT free of charge. We ALL have to pay for the conveniences some google-users think, they are for free.
NO! Google is payed with all the spied Data, Google gets sent to their about 1000000 - one million - servers around the world.
A great lot of users give their surfing - data to Google, not even knowing that they do. This is done by google-Analytics, which is of coursse running on Randies site, cause you use blogger. And this google- Analytics-program saves cookies on everyones computer surfing to your site. These cookies tell google, where users are surfing to.
Google is the biggest spy, but there is Facebook and hundreads of other spies.

There is a means to stop ALL that spying. The program, that is able to stop that spying is named "GHOSTERY"
There is a version for all the big Browsers. Just look it up for instance at BING.
It works just fine with Firefox.
And firefox has a very powerful add-in call Addblock Plus, if set up all right , you will not see any ads and spam.
When you have installed GHOSTERY, and have blocked all Spies you will notice that you have the means, to block all ads, Spams and Spies.
Please, please install GHOSTERY.
than, at least, you are able to see, who is spying on you - and your users.
Randy, thats, why I know g.-anylytics is spying on you, and trying to set a cookie on my computer, which in return will deliver all my surfing to googles -- until that cookie is deleted.

So please don't complain about spam. Stop spam!
USE Firefox, plus AddBlock Plus and ghostery.
Set your browser to delete all cookies at the end of each surf-session automatically.
This would really help, if all did that. NO DaTA for google and the hundreeds of other spies!!!!
And please: No lamenting about spam. - work against spam.

hugs all around

<3 miles

Scottie said...

Hello All. The adblock plus is available to chrome also, I use it. But I got the impression you were talking spam in your comment area. I rarely get spam in the comments. They are all filtered out. They only way they get through is if a real person posts the comment with the spam. I have been fooled a few times by individuals.


randy said...

Hello Scottie and Miles;

I do use those products you suggested in my surfing, Miles. Not sure how to use it on the blog. I'll look into that.
I do get the occasional spam message as a comment. Blogger pulls those out for me, but they are an irritant anyway. I find them rude - to push one's agenda where it isn't asked for, isn't even relevent to the topic at hand, and then to list a site in that comment that is dangerous is quite rude. These folks have no shame.
ok, off my horse...I will look into it. Thanks guys.

Scottie said...

No Randy , your right. It seems they don't care how it affects you, your blog, your email...just what suites them at the time. Hugs, Scottie

randy said...

And, maybe that's the nature of business - to make a buck no matter who it hurts. The thing is, one would think that a simple "no thank you" would suffice - nope.