Tuesday, December 31, 2013

May your New Year be Grand!

Ah well, why stop a good thing, eh?

hugs Everyone!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

The 2013 Song by Troye Sivan.

I love this young man's blog:  http://troyesivan.tumblr.com.  Please go see him.    I find him cute, quirky, witty and very fun.  He's also a wonderfully talented person - a great actor, singer, and he uses his popularity to do great things.  Love ya, Troye!

A Little Help from my Friends...

Hi Everyone!

  For Christmas, I asked for a blue ray player.  Hey, they asked, I said what I wanted.  Well, I didn't get it... did get $100 towards it.  So, here is where I need help:

1.  Do I buy a blue ray player... or
2.  Do I buy a Roku???

What blue ray?  What Roku?   Why?

I want to release you all to give your opinion.  I won't be angry if I follow your opinion to find it not a good choice some time later.  What I really want is your thoughts since I have no experience with either product.

If you would rather, make your opinion to my email:  blundersonword@hotmail.com

I really do feel a bit in the wind on this, so your thoughts are greatly appreciated.



Saturday, December 28, 2013

The lonely walker

This year, at about 9pm on Christmas Eve, my Aunt invited to join the extended family for Christmas Dinner.  I quickly realized the cost of this offer, so I accepted, despite my heart screaming "NO!".
  I think I told  you all about how my generation of my family has quite effectively ostracized me.  I live within 8 miles of my sister and cousins, but have seen none of them in years - and then only in passing.  I've never met my niece or nephew.
 At first, it was difficult, being judged and told what a horrible person I am.  Then, as years rolled by, I began to realize that I really don't need them, really don't care for the people they show themselves to be.  I found that there is peace and harmony in life spent away from those who don't love or like me, and while I hurt and ache for being judged and condemned, it has become more a hurt from the very act and less from the people doing the act.
  And so I sat watching as my cousins roll into my aunt's house, a house I realize I've not been in for more than the time it takes to complete simple tasks for over 20 years, laughing and wishing everyone a merry merry fucking holiday and I realized that being spiritually, emotionally and mentally kicked for so many years leaves me flinching in the face of these smiling faces.  I am suddenly more miserable than I thought I could be and still paste a smile on my face.  In short order, I found reason to leave.  I came home to my dog, to my wonderful Gracie who always loves me, and realized that life is far too short for being around people who don't choose to like me.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

You know how they say "common sense isn't so common"?

Well, I guess the same can be said for common decency.

You know, when I look at things political, it occurs to me that there is a great deal of self interested, self important, self centered thought being bandied about as "political policy".
  In my area there are a number of folks in a far better financial position than I.  That is not something I begrudge them; I'm sure they are all hard working folks.  What bothers me is that these same people who have no concern about meeting their food needs, who live in nice warm homes and have warm solid clothing, would dare stand up and declare that they are 'tired of financing the lives of a bunch of lazy good for nothings'.  Now, who do you suppose they believe so unfortunate as to need their help?  Do you suppose it is a bunch of people who would rather see their children hungry, cold, poorly educated than go find a good paying job?
  I recently looked at the job postings in our local paper.  There were three.  One: part time bus driver.  Two: millwright.  Three:  Registered Nurse.  This is a fairly large market that once boasted numerous factories and founderies.  They are now gone.  The buildings stand empty or were torn down.  The heyday of the 60's - early 90's made this a great middle income area.  Those jobs are now in Mexico, India, China, but we are still here, still hungry.  And, what's more mind-boggling is that those factory workers who once would strike for better wages are now voting republican.... the very folks who seem to just love destroying unions!
  When Republicans give all of their attention to the fat cats who grow fat by labor in other countries, who stomp about in their self-righteousness and declare themselves "job producers" yet refuse to pay living wages for the few jobs in the country, then believe themselves fiscally responsible when they starve out the poor and shrinking middleclass, it is no wonder they seek to increase the loyalty of gun owners!    But, the funny thing about people:  quietly choke the resource supply and people will fight among themselves rather than the power choking the resource supply.  Suddenly, those who are choking the resources down are being actively supported by the stronger of the very people being choked.  Worse, those supporters feel supremely justified in their support.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!!!!

Let love be

I have made no secret that I believe in Christ.  I believe there is more than I see, more than I can imagine to be, and I believe in a red-letter Christ.  What that means, I believe that what Christ said is far more important than what Paul said, what Moses said, what David said.... and that isn't to discount those sayings, but is to amplify what Christ said.
  He said, Love God, Love your Neighbor.  I shouldn't have to rationalize or worry about the rest, should I?  I can't imagine all the rules in the Old Testement, and Paul seemed like he was constantly creating more.... Jesus had two.  I can work on two.
At heart, I'm probably considered more Buddhist than Christian.  But, my thoughts:  if I get to the end of my life and find that caring for others is not the path to heaven, then I really don't belong, if I ever would have.  More, if casting judgement, shame, hatred and poverty on those around me is the path to heaven, as some seem to act as if they believe, then I'd be in the wrong place.
  I'm not perfect.  I have my huge list of "sins", of issues, of poor behavior and thoughts, but I want to believe in a world where love triumphs.  Probably means I'm naive and immature.... but, down deep, don't we all want to believe that if we are good Santa will bring us what we really want?

Never did get that darn pony!

  It's been a very enjoyable few days with my very republican father.  I love the guy, but.... wow.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Sunday, December 22, 2013

May you all get you heart's desire....

Merry Christmas!!

I'm hoping to start doing some more blogging.  Things got busy for me again!  But, I've a few days off, so should have a moment to spend with you all now and again.  Hugs!!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Hatred

Hi Friends;
  I have seen this pic numerous times.  It's powerful, it's disheartening, frightening.  But, today... perhaps because I was looking into some things about Buddhism and some of my very well constructed walls had slipped a bit, it just hit me a bit harder.
  I have used the word "hate" like most people.  I have few "hates".... I hate those little silverfish bugs.  They disgust me, and seem to get into everything.  Birds and spiders don't seem to want to eat them... which makes me think their place on earth is less than wholesome (see "Men In Black"??).  I'm growing to hate this new bug to invade my area, the "stinkbug".  It gets into the house in the fall in attempts to winter over in my warm abode, which I find quite rude.  They scare Gracie, for some reason.  I get the feeling that she snapped at one and found out why they are called "stinkbugs".  When I was little, I "hated" sauerkraut.  Still don't like it.  I "hate" it when the screw falls off my drill phillips bit.  Dang magnets never hold, and if you are standing near by you will clearly hear me call it the worst names I can imagine.  I hate it that my hammer has a hard on for my thumb!  And, I hate that I inevitably have to then fix whatever I just threw my hammer at in frustration.
  But, I don't hate "people who..." anymore.  I will never again.  Because, I remember sitting just like that.


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I'm So Far Behind...

... but I thought the best thing to do would be to just start with a bit of a narrative, tell you how things are going in my life for the moment.
  Right now, listening to Pandora, radio station Enya... and Phillip Wesley is playing Lamentations of the Heart.  Nice music to write to.  And now Breathe  by Greg Maroney.  I'm also having my dinner - a left over turkey sandwich.  I love left over turkey!
  So... as I've told you before, last week was the end of Leaf Season.  Of course, for some "Leaf Season" means oooh's and aaah's to the pretty colors.  For me, it means falling leaves and lots of work, and it's even worse in November because Michigan is one of the states that seem enamored with Daylight Savings Time.  I'm good with the summer time hours and really would just prefer they leave things alone come winter, but who am I.  The end result, though, is that it gets dark at about 5:00.  And, of course, it's cold.... and dark... and suddenly what I've enjoyed doing is less enjoyable by far.
  But, that is over.... and I went up to see Mom and Dad.  I managed a few pictures...
This is looking out the front window.  Too lazy to put shoes on...
Gracie wouldn't let me sleep in, of course.  Too many squirrels needing to be educated about the ways of the world that includes hyper dogs, I guess.  I swear those poor things have PTSD group meetings after we go home.  And, speaking of muttley....
... here she is quite obsessed with the Purina Dog Show.  She stood like that for 30 minutes.  I never did find out which one she thought was the 'best in show'.  And, yes, those are my big clods sticking into the middle of the picture.  Sorry.
  That little pine tree/bush is a Norway Pine that I bought Mom last year at Thanksgiving.  How she manages to keep these plants alive baffles me.  Obviously not something that came to me in the gene mix.  And, as you can see, Mom loves to knit.  
  We had a really good time.  I didn't get much done while up there.  I did manage to help Dad get the snow blower attachment on his tractor.  That dang thing weighs a ton and I spent more time on the cold ground than I would have liked.  Mostly, it was a good family time trip, and I was probably about a day long -- began to get a bit edgy, ya know?  I read a lot on my Kindle and Gracie had a really fun time every minute.
  Monday night, home again,  I again touched base with my friend and neighbor who brings her dog over for playtime with Gracie, then we take them for a walk - mostly from mailbox to mailbox.  I think I posted a short video of the dogs playing???  Here It Is  Anyway, when the dogs got done chasing each other around the yard we took them for a walk in the neighborhood.  I got a couple pics of a house that is just beautifully decorated.  My camera is a cheap one, and worse is that I have no idea how to use it, so these didn't come out anywhere near as good as standing there. 

These folks really did a nice job.  I wish the pictures showed better.

So, that catches you up on the interesting things going on in my life.  The rest of my life has been the grudging necessity of going back to work after four days off, to a mess no less, and the common household chores of cleaning and laundry and normal junk like that.  I like living alone, but it can be a chore sometimes!  Somebody in this house makes a mess....

I'm hoping to be more active now that the weather is cold and there is no extra work for me.  I'd hoped to find a second part-time job, but that isn't going so well yet.  But I would like to be able to spend a bit of time catching up with every one's blogs that I've been missing, write some letters I'm late on, and relax, so I guess I can coast on things for a bit.

I do hope your Thanksgiving - for those of you in America who celebrate it, and for others who don't, that your weekend was nice.