Tuesday, December 24, 2013

  It's been a very enjoyable few days with my very republican father.  I love the guy, but.... wow.


Anonymous said...

Hi Randy,
merry X-mas and a happy New Year to you and all people trusting in Jesus and who are NOT trying to force the old testament's god on other people for the only benefit of the Elephants financing campaigns against the LGBT-youth even in UGANDA (see the "Kill-gays-Bill" on Milkboy).
I can't help hating these murderers with the same hate, they hate LGBT-people

randy said...

Hi Miles;
I am so glad to hear from you today.
The Christian faith is meant to be one of joy, of enduring all hardships because the bill has been paid. Then man gets involved and suddenly there are more bills, more trials, more controls that can't be managed, more harshness.
Christmas is a time to revel in what Christianity was meant to be; Giving. Caring. Hope. Laughter and Joy. And, while wishing someone a Merry Christmas may be offensive if they aren't Christian, I freely wish you love, joy, hope, and happiness.
Hugs and loves;

Scottie said...

Hello Randy, I hope you don't mind I re-posted this on my Toy BOx. I love it and it says what I want to so clearly. Thanks for the emails of sanity, I needed them. Loves and hugs. Scottie

randy said...

Glad you liked it, Scottie.