Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Let love be

I have made no secret that I believe in Christ.  I believe there is more than I see, more than I can imagine to be, and I believe in a red-letter Christ.  What that means, I believe that what Christ said is far more important than what Paul said, what Moses said, what David said.... and that isn't to discount those sayings, but is to amplify what Christ said.
  He said, Love God, Love your Neighbor.  I shouldn't have to rationalize or worry about the rest, should I?  I can't imagine all the rules in the Old Testement, and Paul seemed like he was constantly creating more.... Jesus had two.  I can work on two.
At heart, I'm probably considered more Buddhist than Christian.  But, my thoughts:  if I get to the end of my life and find that caring for others is not the path to heaven, then I really don't belong, if I ever would have.  More, if casting judgement, shame, hatred and poverty on those around me is the path to heaven, as some seem to act as if they believe, then I'd be in the wrong place.
  I'm not perfect.  I have my huge list of "sins", of issues, of poor behavior and thoughts, but I want to believe in a world where love triumphs.  Probably means I'm naive and immature.... but, down deep, don't we all want to believe that if we are good Santa will bring us what we really want?

Never did get that darn pony!


Scottie said...

I will send you both a stuffed pony and a "pony Tail", but you have to promise to wear it. I have been trying to get Ron to wear one. I told him I would if he wanted, all over the house, even in front of James. He laughed and replied , yes but that is because your a bunny and you have a tail. :P

Now to be a little serious, I think there is nothing wrong with faith and worship as long as the worship of a old dead God doesn't cause harm to living humans today.

I do have to tell you one thing. I disagree with your assessment of your self. You are grand, and you are wonderful. I am so happy to have you in my life and have a question. That voice I heard so long ago, when I was so young, only about 10 or 11 I would say...would that be considered a voice of one of "God's helpers"? because maybe all the different Gods worshiped here on earth, maybe they all are just "helpers" of the real God or Gods? many hugs

randy said...

Ha! Well, I will leave that all up to you and Ron!
I've always believed in "helper angels". I just think there is so much to this world we don't see or understand, and "angels" are easily possible in my concept of a world that so desperately needs help.