Sunday, March 31, 2013

If Happy Little Bluebirds Fly

I saw this picture recently and found myself saving it but not knowing why.  I knew it struck my heart.  I knew it angered me.  I knew it saddened me.  But, I just didn't really know why.
  Then, this morning I read again the stories of those marching on Washington for "Family Values", claiming they now understood MLK.  Really?
  I read again on of those who we hope and pray to be our most wise denigrate and disrespect Americans who have committed no crimes, hurt no one, and only asked that the Supreme Court of this United States would tell those who are intent upon hate to stop refusing us our rights.
  Then I read the viewpoints and rants of those who are supposed to be Christians, followers of a Christ who told the religious right to NOT stand before those seeking the promised land, followers of a Christ who healed, served, fed and loved and refused to hate even the ones who betrayed and struck him.
  Then I looked at my tax bills, going to support the very people who would not stand up for my rights.
  In this land of Free Men, how is happening?  How is this even discussed?  How is it that those who are thought so wise are so disappointing?
  I cry for those who suffer this arrogant people.  I cry for those who move on to the promise land to escape the soul rending pain of this world.  I cry for the lost loves, the lost hopes, the lost joys.