Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Adoption Day Event

  Hi Friends;

  As some of you know, my dog - who is more and more important to me everyday - came from a local rescue organization.  She was likely taken in by a family as a puppy, given little training and attention, then given up to a near by Animal Control.  The rescue organization found out about her - being a pure breed she gets a bit of precedence for the mere reason of being more likely to be more adoptable - just an hour before being given the euthanizing shot. 
  The story goes, she was uncontrollable.  Wild.  Unadoptable.  My experience has been anything but those labels:  She has been a loving dog who enjoys being very close.  She loves to play and is an attention junkie. 
  What has been the difference?  I needed a friend as much as she needed one.  We have become family.  It takes a commitment, though.  So, if you out there are needing a friend, are willing to put forth effort, give love, be patient and understanding, there is a reward in loving a pet that I have no words to describe.  I can only hope that you have the opportunity to learn it.

Be well.