Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Adoption Day Event

  Hi Friends;

  As some of you know, my dog - who is more and more important to me everyday - came from a local rescue organization.  She was likely taken in by a family as a puppy, given little training and attention, then given up to a near by Animal Control.  The rescue organization found out about her - being a pure breed she gets a bit of precedence for the mere reason of being more likely to be more adoptable - just an hour before being given the euthanizing shot. 
  The story goes, she was uncontrollable.  Wild.  Unadoptable.  My experience has been anything but those labels:  She has been a loving dog who enjoys being very close.  She loves to play and is an attention junkie. 
  What has been the difference?  I needed a friend as much as she needed one.  We have become family.  It takes a commitment, though.  So, if you out there are needing a friend, are willing to put forth effort, give love, be patient and understanding, there is a reward in loving a pet that I have no words to describe.  I can only hope that you have the opportunity to learn it.

Be well.


Scottie said...

Bravo randy, Bravo!

You and your pup are wonderfully grand for each other. Each four legged friend we allow into our lives creates a life time of memories for both.

Wishing you both much love and respect. Hugs

randy said...

Hi Scottie;
You are so right. My pups has been really good for me. She brings some responsibilities, some expenses, some limitations on my freedoms.... but also someone who is always happy to see me, a friend in any mood or event, and she daily makes me laugh. All well worth the cost!