Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The changing face of the blog

Hello Friends, visitors, those of you who took the wrong turn and now can't seem to get out of here....

I couldn't find a better cartoon to describe the changes I'm finding necessary in my blog. It is ironic in light of the cartoon, though, as I say that it's time for the blog - and for me as the blogger - to grow up. I mean that I need to look forward in my life, and the focus of the blog all too often was looking backward at the grace and wonder of a time that just no longer exists for me, and in some ways never did exist no matter how much I wanted it to. In forging ahead in my thoughts and even in my blog focus, I hope to find the grace and wonder of a time that WILL exist for me. Does that make any sense?

I know that some of you out there will have noticed that I've mentioned this before fairly recently - likely due to the fact that this is primary on my mind, but not sure of what to do about it. I also know that some of you will have noticed that I've made a recent change to remove some of the "blogs that I like" links. I sure hope that this is not something that causes offense. I will still visit my friends, and in truth I doubt you were getting much traffic from me.

As I look forward, I don't quite know where my blog will go. It's almost like I'm starting over, finding that certain things are now more interesting to me than they once were. I hope that you will continue with me on this ride, that I will still have things to share with you and that you will continue to help me grow as you did in the past. I've a long way to go and I dearly hope you, my friends, will ride along and help me through the bumps and pains.

I remain, your grateful co-paddler on this canoe of life;