Friday, September 28, 2012

When does one arrive at adulthood?

  Tonight, I'm watching a 20/20 story on ABC television of a woman, a Ms. Colleps  who had sex with five 18 year-olds.  She was sentenced to 5 years in prison.  Why?  Well, mostly because she was a highschool teacher and these were students.

  I'm not saying it was right, so don't throw things at me.

  What I'd like to ask, though, is that we compare thsese 18 year old "victims" to the many "surprise, you're an adult" kids who are sentenced as adults as young as 11. 

  I remember the day I was officially an adult.  I was never a great one for birthdays.  They weren't always so happy for me as a kid, and as an adult I ignore them.  Just another day.  But, the day I was no longer a kid, officially.... it was huge for me if for no-one else.  I didn't feel so much as an adult, but I was glad I was now free to be one.
  Now we steal not only our children's childhood, but their day of majority.  We tell them that the state will decide when they are an adult, and will move that target at a whim.

  Well, I'm not trying to make any world-class points, just to say that we have a really weird ass culture.