Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Something tells me this New Year is going to have an attitude!


Hello my friends; As you who have followed this stumbling adventure, and as you others that may have read my side bar, I have been struggling to understand the difference between the lies I've told myself, my peers and my relatives, and the truth that lives within my soul. It was a difficult admission for me to realize that I am attracted to boy parts and not so much to girl parts. It has been an even greater difficulty to make that change in my life. So, I think, I study, I look and try to learn. One once said that if you free your mind then your ass will surely follow. A second but similar struggle, I've really run into a wall in dealing with Scottie's last challenge when speaking about the man who is behind bars for supposedly leaking to that wiki person where Scottie asked "what do we do about this [his abusive captivity]. I say all of that to introduce a vid I found on conformity. I will put up the link, but I am also going to try to put up the vid. It is long, somewhat dry, but if you can get past the academic drone, some of the questions that suddenly come crashing into my mind, and surely yours, are very interesting. For instance: Why does it take so damn long for simple things, like dadt and gay marriage, to be resolved and allowed to fly? They are obvious issues, and yet the loud minority seems to be the strongest. Why is there debate on Global Warming? Either it is or it ain' it. For that matter, why is it that arguments in the political sphere have little to do with fact, but people will quote you the by-lines with clear threat in their voices should you disagree. And, why do I find that I sometimes agree when I doubt what I'm agreeing to? Have I grown that weary? How has the "fair and balanced" (choke) "reporting" of fox news, which you likely read in Scottie's ToyBox, effected the way things have gone in this country and the way people think? Have you noticed the repeating catch phrases in the republican speakers? There is a reason for that. It has little to do with the truth. Why is Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Rielly, and that whole clan of mouths so successful? Why is it that I know more about the hygene habits of know-nothing celebrities than I know about the wars in Iraq, Afganistan, Korea, Darfur, Pakistan, I need to go on?....after watching the news? How is it that I still find myself allowing other's opinions to influence my life, even in ways that make me unhappy? Shouldn't I be beyond this? You will surely have other questions....I didn't list all that I have. But, I think I did find an answer to Scottie. If you are reading, Scottie, here is the best answer I can come up with: Climb to the roof-tops, in blogger-form, and scream it as loud as you are able: THIS IS WRONG! Then, say it again, and again, and again. Encourage others to say it. Please take a moment, see the's less than 10-min., and the man says you will be less likely to be conforming after watching it. Not a cure, but awareness is its' own panacea. Here is the link...I can't seem to post the vid.