Friday, October 28, 2011


Do we really need anti-bully laws?

So?  Is it necessary to add anti-bullying laws to the state books?  Some, like this baffoon, believe that the bully is just a part of growing up.  And, he's right.  Bullies are a part of growing up.  And, dealing with the bully in childhood teaches us how to deal with the bully in adult life.  The Christian Coalition is quite correct in stating that these things happen.  There is evil in the world, and passing laws to curb evil is not likely to change that.
Where are the teachers?!?  Where are the police?!?  Where are the authorities?!? 

  I can hear the questions screaming from your minds.  But, I tell you, they were there.  Oh, you don't see them?  If we look closely at this video, we notice that there are a number of people standing about, waiting on this to occur.  And, given the presumption that most didn't know, we see that even still there was no one standing up to stop this event from happening.
  But, those are students, you say.  Those are other kids.  Those aren't adults.  Those aren't the police.

  Well, that, my friends, is the role of bullies in the world.  Lost you, didn't I.  Sorry.  Here, let's try again....Mister Newman of the above link is quite correct, the Christian Coalition is quite correct.  Yep, they are.  Bullies are part of the world.  Evil is here.  And, no law, no rule, no little piece of paper is going to change that.  You see, the Christians...the REAL Christians, knew that.  That was the point of Christ....the laws of the Old Testament weren't actually working.   

  You're still not getting me, are you.'s the end point:  The laws are "we the people".  The police are "we the people..".  The teachers are "We The People..."  And, WE THE PEOPLE OF THAT CLASSROOM SAT THERE AND WATCHED THAT HAPPEN.

Sorry.  Got off my philosophical post a bit.  My great friend tells me "the only thing necessary for evil to succeed in this world is for good people to do nothing".  That bully....he needs his come-uppance.  It will come, and life will likely put one right to the nads for him sometime soon.  The real shame, the real crime, was committed by those other kids who stood there and did nothing while another was attacked, beaten, unable to defend himself.  They lost the opportunity to stop evil.  They don't understand that the love and morality, the decency and the very pursuit  of a real adult in a real civilization  is not to simply sit by and allow the evil of the world to invade.  The definition of  a real man is to stand up and say 'NO'.  The bully is a bully.  He just is.  The others are the ones who need to be suspended.  And, the school administration needs to be expelled.  They are the ones who committed the greatest crime in failing to teach this very necessary lesson.