Saturday, January 8, 2011

There is a new story in the story blog...

Hi everyone; There's a new story in the story blog titled Brother Benji. It's a bit odd and may be difficult to understand. I would say the best way is to think of it as another land and allow your imagination to fill in blanks. Much of the language is a sort of old world style, I thought of a brittish accent as I wrote it. I hope you like it.

Some issues I'm struggling with...

Hello everyone;
I am the very proud and fortunate recipient of great advice from a great friend. One of the things we have been talking about lately is my getting out there and meeting people. Well, as many have found, meeting people is not always so easy.
One of my problems is that I am very much in the closet. Of course, being in the closet is often less who doesn't know vs. who I haven't told. I think the whole closet thing is one of a glass door, and often people who know us well already know. No matter, being in the closet is just part of my current situation.
I live in a small town, where that whole six degrees of separation is down closer to three. So, although I would really like to take part in activities and meet people who are gay, I'm very nervous that it will become known and will negatively effect my job. Ok, shallow, but jobs are very scarce...very. I have responsibilities that require I be employed, such as house payments and the other multitude of bills that come with that. This is a real concern.
So, my question I put out to you is this: do you have any suggestions or have you ever been in similar situations and what did you do?
I'd like to say that I'm not a "run out and do it" type of person, but I am becoming braver and better prepared. I probably won't jump on the advice you give, but it will greatly color my thoughts and my coming moves. Thanks for your help.

Second batch of pics...

Hello friend; As I said before, Micky suggested that I make these into smaller batches. I've noticed that he prefers to put one pic up at a time. It's really nothing more than the stroke of a button or two, so no matter to me. Does anyone else have a preference for the number of pics per post? This series is of pics that I noticed in my web-world travels. Sometimes I see a pic and it makes me say "wow", sometimes it touches my heart, and sometimes I find myself not really understanding the message. Seeing the picture vs. understanding the picture, ya know. I hope these touch you, too. I'm not sure what this one is saying... I love the eagle eye intensity.... but it looks a bit like a Zoolander pose.