Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

May 2012 be wonderful for us all!

Dear Mr. Politician

  Dear Mr. Politician;

  It is my hope that you will listen to Clint.  Because, you see, while you stand upon your soap box, decrying the horrible concept of two adults who cherish each other coming together in an American Civil Right of Marriage for no other reason than both are of the same sex, you ignore the very important things.  As you line your pockets, you starve our children, our grandparents, and our neighbors.  You allow waste and pollution to run rampant while you dither the philosophies of men of 4000 years ago, ignoring what they were saying and cherry picking your tennants from the minor limbs of the tree of life. 
  Do you believe yourself to be so far above it all?  Ask Dick Cheney about his daughter.  Ask Nancy Reagan about her husband.  Ask John Edwards about his wife... if you can find him.  Don't you see? 
  If you put half your energy used keeping homosexuals from marrying and put it into feeding our kids, you wouldn't have starving kids in your district.  If you spent a quarter of the money in American Schools as you have in Iraq, Johnny would know how to read.  If you spent half your time on insider politics and spent more on the streets, bridges, and woods, you would see our land being destroyed.  And, if you cared just a bit more about your country and a bit less about your party, you wouldn't need to be told any of this. 
    -a voter!