Friday, January 21, 2011

What is the purpose of clothing?

Hello Everyone:
I recently got myself into an argument regarding the odd and perverse morality of Americans, at a collective whole. Specifically, the graphic nature of our entertainment in regard to violence and moral depravity - like lies, cheating, stealing, etc., and the paranoia about letting a bit of skin show. It's an argument I've had before. But, being a curious type, I goobled the title of this post. This is the first answer I got: Well so you wouldn't run around everywhere naked, what do you think they are for, huh ? Alternate answer. The use of clothing probably originated in the need to provide protection from weather conditions and to protect the body from sharp thorns and grasses etc. Nowadays the major reason for continuing to wear clothes is convention, after all you are unlike to encounter adverse weather conditions or sharp thorns in the comfort of your own home and yet most people still wear their clothes there, even when they are alone and there is no one else who they could offend. (
Well, it's 8 degrees with the little f here today -- and in celcius, that reads "blimy it's cold". So, anyone who is not wearing clothing today is less likely to be thought a rebel and more likely to be thought an ice-cicle. And yet, there was an odd statement there; notice the last sentence from Answers. Can I let that slide? Hmm. Ok, for now, but you all know what I'm thinking.
So, this first pic, making the rounds from, and the next, from where-? deals with the concepts of uniform. It also brings about a question for those with a military past: In the showers, where everyone is naked, do you still have to salute?
Personally, I think this uniform would have kept Star Trek in the top 10 for much longer. Still, a favorite show.
Ok, forgetting that Peter Parker wouldn't need a bike...
is SpiderMan still SpiderMan without the fancy outfit? Or, is it that we only know it's SpiderMan because of the outfit. If someone went flying through New York shooting webs out of their hands yet completely naked, would we wonder if that was SpiderMan? So, the uniform is only to define our role and rank? Why? And does this clown still bring a smile, without the whole suit?
The Human Body is one of the most beautiful and complex creations ever. We are blessed with the finesse and dexterity of hands that can sculpt masterpieces of art, build monuments of stone, and evoke ecstacy from our partners. Our mind is capable of outstripping - at least until very recently - the very best computers in such areas as chess and Jeopardy. We can run and walk a horse into the ground. Voices that can reproduce melodies of such Libera. And, in a pinch, be the canvas of even more art.
This strong and adaptable creation is capable of being at peace with the rest of creation. We can commune with the earth, feel the life around us, and swat mosquitos off our willy.
Is there a better image of being at peace? So why is it that this should be offensive? Clothing is a tool, a garb, a thing we put on to protect that which is most beautiful. In the right frame, clothing can be beautiful; like any art, the textile arts are very alive. But, in the end, it is throwing a tarp over a work of art that is far beyond our scope. And, perhaps that is the reason it offends...because it is not so easily copied. Oh, we can make little reproductions, but we don't exactly have the means of doing so on our own...just copying technique from the Master.
Ok, now this is just silly.