Monday, October 4, 2010

A lesson from our youth...

In discussing recent events of prejudice and hatred, abusers, bullies, and the manner in which our society seems intent upon labeling people as lesser-than's, I recalled a beautiful memory; a lesson from my youth. I hope you like the clips....I wish I could have found the entire toon.

video video

Miles asked "Who profits from prejudice? Who is behind the gay bashing, the abuse of our young people?" Isn't that a great question? I think there is a lesson to be learned from this above......

What do you think?

I have spoken to Miles and Scottie about this, and I know that there are others who feel the same....If you feel like you are being pushed beyond your limits, like life isn't worth living with the pain you feel right now, please remember that you are not alone. All of us have felt something similar to that and you are not alone! You are loved, needed, wanted, you are not alone. Write, let us know your pain and let us tell you...YOU ARE NOT ALONE! You, we! can get through anything, no matter how bad at the is beautiful, with moments of very ugly, scary, and weird veiws. No matter how bad, how embarassing, scary, or how much you feel like life isn't worth living.... it is only a rough spot on the road of this life and there are ways of getting through to the beautiful spots. Just hang on, reach out, and are not alone! -randy.