Friday, February 10, 2012

You have completely missed

Hi Friends;
  I would like to address this post to all the parents out there who have come to realize that their son or daughter are gay. 
 Parents, Grandparents, concerned family and friends; your child is a bright and beautiful creature, with dreams and aspirations, understandings and ways of seeing his or her world that is utterly unique to them.  They are wonderful and delightful in their own ways.  And, while they share genetic structure with you, have similar tastes and delights, they are nonetheless unique persons all their own and should be loved for the unique beings they are, not because they are your image or product.
  It wouldn't surprise me to know that you don't count my words very highly.  The truth is, I could care less, provided that you stop for a moment and at least consider these things. 
  The following video I found horrifying beyond words.  You think to love your child by placing them in such, that you are saving them, restoring them, making them right?  You are doing no more than torturing and brain washing them, forcing a change in who they are just to survive a temporary and hostile environment.  This is misguided in the best light, and criminal in any other.  You have missed the teachings of Jesus. 

found via Milkboys and Towleroad