Friday, February 10, 2012

You have completely missed

Hi Friends;
  I would like to address this post to all the parents out there who have come to realize that their son or daughter are gay. 
 Parents, Grandparents, concerned family and friends; your child is a bright and beautiful creature, with dreams and aspirations, understandings and ways of seeing his or her world that is utterly unique to them.  They are wonderful and delightful in their own ways.  And, while they share genetic structure with you, have similar tastes and delights, they are nonetheless unique persons all their own and should be loved for the unique beings they are, not because they are your image or product.
  It wouldn't surprise me to know that you don't count my words very highly.  The truth is, I could care less, provided that you stop for a moment and at least consider these things. 
  The following video I found horrifying beyond words.  You think to love your child by placing them in such, that you are saving them, restoring them, making them right?  You are doing no more than torturing and brain washing them, forcing a change in who they are just to survive a temporary and hostile environment.  This is misguided in the best light, and criminal in any other.  You have missed the teachings of Jesus. 

found via Milkboys and Towleroad


Anonymous said...

I can not understand it all.
How can parents be so narrow minded and stubborn in this day and age?
How can parents follow these religious leaders?
How can politicians and the public tolerate such things?
Is this a free and secular country?
I think that the state and its youth care must wake up.

randy said...

Hi Nikki;
I don't know if you caught it in the vid, but these kids are - in essence - kidnapped and taken to another country. Dominican Republic.
So, no, this is not acceptable or legal as shown by the fact that it must be done in another country.

It's just plain sickening!


Sammy B said...

Hello Randy
I think this quote says a lot of what I consider needs to be said in this context:

Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.
(Steven Weinberg, via Wikiquote)

Love & best wishes
Sammy B

randy said...

Hi Sammy;
That is perfect. I am a believer in Christ, as you know. But, I can't do church/religion. They seem to forget what they are following all too quickly.


Scottie said...

I wonder what would happen if the kids refused to cooperate while there. Refused to eat, tried to escape, simple refused to accept or go along with the adults. Any real harm to the kids would have caused the parents more concern and the authorities to get involved. Legal consequent would kick in. So at some point they have to be willing to say to the parent, we can't treat your kid, take them away.

While I have never been in jail, or prison as these kids really are going through, I was in two branches of the service. I was trained that my duty was to escape and / or cause as much harm to the enemy as I could. I would have been a real pain in the ass. I would not have done one push up. Just lay there. I would not ask to enter or leave. I would be so disrespectful they would have to kick me out. And I wouldn't care if they were hurt by this as I don't consider people who do this to others, treat others this way to be human. Sorry guess you can tell this really cheesed me off.

But then I am a 49 year old man, and I had no family ties in my childhood. So I guess it is easier for me to say than these kids to face. Their reality is much different than mine. I get the feeling from the video that the families who sent them there are well off, above average wealth, so the kids may not be prepared to take hardship that would follow rebelling. As I grew up poor, with out stuff, and had hardship, it would not as been as hard for me to "just say no"! As for the idea they could deny food, I had gone through that so it was not a really horrendous threat either. And to tell the truth I had a huge reservoir of anger growing up, and it would have been easy to use that anger in this situation...even against my own benefit. Hugs

randy said...

Hi Scottie;
This, my friend, is the difference between an adult and a child. Children, even older adolescents, are more likely to seek the ways necessary to fit in to the hostile environment. As an example, how would you have taken some of the things you experienced as a kid if you were an adult?
The problem with brainwashing and other intense manipulation is that, and I know you know this, small accomodations can create intense inroads into ones concept of reality. I am a trekkie, to a small extent, and I recall Picard being captured and strung up - questioned, and asked "how many lights". Of course, he can count, but the questioner abused him for the right answer and made him distrust reality. Great episode.
I am so angry with the parents because they would subject their children to such rather than accept the real person who is their child.
hugs and love, my friend;

Scottie said...

Your very right Randy. I never thought of it that way when I wrote the first comment. I often say I would never tolerate anyone hitting me, but in my childhood I did take it from those who were raising me. I let older boys and grown men, some in the family use me for their sexual pleasure, to penetrate me, and I simply took it.

What an eye opener. I would fight tooth and nail, even taking death today to defend my self or another from what I just took as normal in my childhood. Now I have a lot to think on.

Thanks for helping me see things from another point of view, and showing how subjective our realities are. Just as I wouldn't care if someone had a problem with my being gay, it simply wouldn't affect me, many kids are so torn up they are killing themselves rather than face it. I can kind of see how my own walls of self defense never let me see the disconnect in what I do, and what I was saying. The same thing I was complaining about in politicians and those who scream hateful things.

Thinking hard hugs... Love ya

randy said...

Hi Scottie;

Something struck me in your comment as you mentioned how it doesn't bother you to be gay, but kids are killing themselves.
Here is what hit me: You see your being gay as just being you, I believe. It just is. It's Scottie - like it or lump it. Key word: it's normal. For you, it's normal.
Kids: so wanting to fit in and be accepted see being gay as being abnormal. Wrong. Different in a bad way. What's worse, bullies - those in school and those who use a pulpit, political position, or even a parental/leadership role - declare that it is wrong. They declare that being different is something to hide, to protect as shameful, deny even.
I think that is why you are reacting like you've missed something tragic. The beautiful thing is, you accept people for who they are because you accept yourself for who you are, and have a hard time understanding when others aren't able to do the same thing - I think?

Hey - Happy Valentine's Day! Give Ron and James and Milo a hug from me! Many hugs and love;