Monday, February 28, 2011

Lessons from my friend

My forever friend gives love unconditionally.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Born This Way - and You Are Amazing, Just the Way You Are!

Hello Friends;

I had hoped to include a video clip that was put on a wonderful new site introduced to me by our friend at Beautiful Planet. But, it won't come through. Never fear, I have a link:

As you likely guessed, the name of this new site for us is called "Born This Way". I never know what to add to the blog list and what not to....basically, I find I have no rationale for it. Sorry. But, this is one I think is great, inspirational, I think you will like it, and I'm hoping I actually remember to do it now that I said I would....getting old and losing my, uh, my uh...what were we talking about?


Let me say it to you...yes, you. You are amazing, just the way you are.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Don't just stand there...

Hi Friends;
As you have likely noticed, I started adding pictures of dogs and puppies to the blog with captions. Hey, what can I say, I love dogs and I love their expressions and vitality.
And, since we are on this, please, again, feel free to send me your favorite pics, be it of your dog or one that touches your heart, with a caption if you like. I'll add it to the list.
Well, imagine it or not, I am not running around with my little KodaChrome taking all these pics. I search for them via our little connection to the world. In my searching, I found a little shock today. But, I guess it's something that happens often and I wanted to share my concern with you and see what you think.
The pic I found, which I will NOT share because, well - it pissed me off! - was a series of pics of a dog laying in the street with another nosing it. Around this pair were cars, moving on to their destinations with seemingly little care. It was a city street, so it was not like the speed was an issue... and that was further demonstrated as the later picture showed numerous people with their camera phones clicking away.
I don't want to climb too high on my soap box here, as I have no idea what I would have done. That's just honest....I know what I would like to think I would do, but...? Let's face it, we've all been there.
Let's forget for a moment that it was just a dog, laying in the street as it's friend mourned in confusion while people passed on by - perhaps distressed by the plight of these two but continuing on nonetheless. Then, here comes they help? No, they just take pictures like this is some sort of entertainment moment.
Instead, can you see this as a person, laying in the street, with people passing by like this just doesn't matter? How about a child? How about a nation?
We are inundated with misery when we watch our tv's; people starving in war-torn nations, people hurt in natural disasters....and what is worse, the folks telling us of this often do it to play on our sympathies to do no more than scam, steal, swindle and con. It makes us callous, pulling inward and looking at the pain and misery only to shake our head and go on.
You know, we don't always have the little puppy dying in the street for whom we can ride to the rescue. But, how often have we come face to face with the pain of others? Have you ever seen the waitress who looks like she's on her last bit of energy yet still struggling to do well? Have you ever seen the old man watching the world from a park bench with no-one at his side? Hurt is all around us, sometimes. There must be some light, some sunshine on a cloudy day, huh?
I don't have the answers, my friends. I simply don't know what to do with the pain in this world. It bothers me. There's just so much! I guess I can't help but wonder if one finds himself confronted with another's pain, if one is within hands reach of such and doesn't help.......who will?

lessons learned from a friend

I may not always understand,
but I'll remain by you or wait for your return if you leave me.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

lessons from my dog

We all need a friend of our very own.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Marriage and Equality in America

Hi Friends;
It sometimes feels a bit presumptuous when I put my two cents into fights than have been weighing for years and years regarding issues I only recently became associated or even aware existed as relevant to my life. I guess this is one of them. Barely acknowledging my own feelings and even more barely cracking the door of the closet, I still find that this is an area that impacts not only my future, my hopes, but really the very lives of some of my best and most important friends. Further, to destroy a quote by a great man; "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere". We, as citizens hoping to be free, owe it to ourselves and our succeeding generations to tackle discrimination. So, forgive me if I join the fight late....better late than never.
I learned an odd thing today. It was President Clinton who signed the law defining marriage as existing between one man and one woman. I would have thought that to be something directly from the republican agenda. No matter, right being right, wrong being wrong, there is no doubt that this very law has been a source of division and discrimination. I'm so very glad that President Obama has chosen to re-examine the government's stand on the topic and realize the fundamental unfairness of the thing entire.
Some days ago, I was searching for a few bits of understanding on equal rights, civil rights, rights for, well, all people of these United States. I find that such searches often reveal odd treasures. This is a relatively long writing, so I will only provide the link. But, I encourage everyone to stop and read this writer. He has really taken the very arguments that seem the backbone of anti-gay marriage proponents and looked at them critically - something I find I doubt those same proponents bothered to do. In time, you will likely find yourself in a discussion about the topic, and this gentleman writer's analysis of the main arguments will be of serious help.
Friends, I don't have the answers. If you read my blog thinking I do you are in for some very real disappointments. Frankly, I screw things up so often I've gotten a case of athlete's tongue from the amount of time my foot is in my mouth. The best I figure I can do is look, share, and hope you all care enough to correct me where you see I've missed.
There is no doubt, though, that this topic - which I labeled not as gay marriage, but as 'marriage and equality' for a reason - that this topic will continue on as people voice their hopes, opinions and discriminations. It is interesting that so often folks seem to need something to be discriminatory over to make their own lives appear better.

I liked this... has a good sound

Lessons from my dog...

My dog is the consumate nature lover. She adores the outdoors. She rolicks and plays in the grass and weeds, sniffing out bunnies and squirrels. She has taught me to love the outdoors, too.
Do you have one to share?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lessons learned from my best friend...

Hello Friends; Over the years, I've had the misfortune to be an often angry, confused, miserable person. I've had hatred in my heart, shame, envy. And, in my many years, I've also had the great fortune to spend some years with a great friend, a wonderful companion. Such does things for the heart that words don't quite match. So, I thought I would add a simple posting, a very incomplete posting, that begins to extoll the virtues of sharing my life with a pet. I invite you to add your lessons here, too. My dog loves life. She lives in the now. When she looks at me, she sees me with eyes of hope... hope for love, play, food, a scratch behind the ears.... When my dog has done wrong, she feels bad knowing that I am upset with her. She seeks to behave in a way that makes me happy, but may not always be a way that she would like to. Food comes and food goes.....where it stops, the smell really tolls. Farts are mysterious happenings. Sleep is to be shared....the closer the better. Forgiveness. This is going to be a repeating post. I invite you to send me pics of your dog with your caption...or even a pic you think is especially cute and/or funny with caption. My hope is to do a post a day with dog pics.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sticks and Stones

It was a wonderful moment for me to find that Micky is still out there, still writing and sharing. I look forward to the moment when he is able to restart his blog.
Perusing what he has shared through "Leaving the Grey Room", I stumbled upon memories of my own. Words and actions said in anger some 25 to 35 years ago that still resound in my mind and spirit. I sometimes wonder if such ever leave us. Maybe they do more than just shape us, they become a part of who we are and are therefore no more removable than a hand or foot. I don't know.
Someone once told me that we have to be careful with what we say. Our words may seem insignificant to us at that moment, but they may be the anchor for another's soul at that very same moment. We can be positive and lift someone up to the clouds with thoughtful words of kindness, appreciation and affections. Or, the words that we see as simple anger venting at someone may be that very thing that defines that person for that moment, and then stays for years. I'm sure my father would not have been so loose with his words if he knew I would remember them to this date. I'm sure they were but of the moment to him.
Me? I'm still trying to find a way to make him proud of me. It's only been some 40+ years, I'll keep trying to change these words in my mind.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Family Values...... wha?

After reading Scotties posting today about the blocked internet access for gay themed sites, I began a search for an understanding, oh - even a definition of the republican term "Family Values". Couldn't find one. I don't think it exists.
One fun columnist described family values much like obscenity was defined: I don't know what it is but I'll know it when I see it. Great. Thanks for the help. With my trusty google in hand....ok, get your mind out of the gutter!...I began a search. I found a veritable mine field of El Toro's edifications......
It would seem that in the 14th Century, the common definition included all within the patriarchial control. ie; a family is headed by a patriarch, and included all blood descendants and spouses, servants and slaves. By the 16th Century, that definition changed to only include the blood family and spouses. Now, if we can do a little parallel thinking here we find that the founding and rise of the United States seems coincidental to the very change in definition of what makes a family. Isn't that ironic.
As things seem to have progressed, the spreading of the family - perhaps due in great part by the opening of a whole new world for exploration and settling, held a greater declination of the family than anything - see Little House on the Prairie. Charles Ingalls left his family home in Illinois to head Minnesota to make his fortune. What then happened is that the family became fractured; the head of the family was no longer the great patriarch, but, well, Pa. This fracturing of the family continued with the moving on of Mary, Carrie, Grace, and one could get rid of Laura. For that matter, we never really do know what happened to Carrie and Grace....and Albert just drove off into the sunset.
So, what does dictate "family values"? The term seems most evident in referring to Pa going to work, Ma cooking and cleaning, and little lambs 1, 2, and .5 all frolicking in the prairie grass on the way to school. Everyone gets back together for dinner and church. Oh, have to go to church. It all depends on where you are as to what church is described as "acceptable" verses "radical". And yet, if we follow the Ingalls family, we find that Pa worked at home in the fields and sometimes away from home in town, in other towns, even on a railroad. He even worked in a bar! (Gasp!) At that time, the Ingalls were living over a bar!!! There was scandal! So, were they still the "family values" champion? What about when Ma worked....the shame. But, it was ok, she was still cooking and cleaning.
Well, perhaps we need to look at things a bit more philosophically. Since the republicans will never actually define something - lest they be held to that definition - and instead proclaim this ideal trait called "family", how does Charles Ingalls regard family?
He works hard. He values community, helping his neighbors and town. He values education. He looks toward a brighter future for his children by working and saving and seeking better things for them. He loves them when they make mistakes, he supports them when they do things their way rather than stay at home under his roof, and he never casts them to the side.
  • So, Mr. Republican: why is it greater to give to the rich than the working man?
  • Why is the rich, who need little, more worthy than the poor in the community?
  • Why do we need to beg to have our children fed, educated, and given health care?
  • And why are you more interested in that adult child's bedmate than what is in his belly, mind, and the health of his body?

One columnist I read said that the best and perhaps only definition of "family values" is that the man spouting it the loudest is just really only valuing his family. I would add...his wallet.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cody Simpson - coming into his stride

Hi Friends; I have heard this young man sing a couple of times through various sites. I always thought he was a step off, a youngster not quite finding the rythym of himself. imho, a singer needs to know himself before he can really broadcast his feelings. Well, I think this young man is on his way. Again, who am I....but I think he is one to watch. Frankly, I think he has far more talent than another young man who seems to be gorging on the spotlight at the moment. So, maybe we will see this one rise as high. Let's hope so. The sun came out today. I took pups for a walk, enjoying the warm rays on my face. It was still cool, don't get me wrong - summertime isn't here. But, wow, I think I'm ready to be warm again.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

You ever get that numb feeling?

Today, I'm embarassed to tell you, I had one of those moments, one of those points of the day where the absurd was so commonplace that I didn't realize just how it was so inexcusable. Perhaps I'm slow, or perhaps I'm coming to find that little land of blithe ignorance too enticing. How could I miss the unmissable? How could I not see what was so obviously impossible to continue?
What I speak on is the article in Milkboys today...see link: regarding the, now think on this, labeling of a ten year old as a sex offender, and worse, one who was tortured and abused himself. Thankfully Scottie wrote on this, giving me that nudge from the land of the "huh?" into a bit of action, however impotent. Please see his blog:
We are inundated on a daily basis with the absurd, the incredible, and the outright criminally obscene, so it is somewhat understandable to be a bit inured of the whole mess. In our own defense, we hear stories about Lindsey Lohan and "Bieber-fever" with an insipid grin, thankful that our minds are no longer being bombarded by the insanity of the real world for the moment. We can look at a growing young man and say: "ha! he looks like a girl" and go on with our day feeling like we've set the world right once more. Or, I can spout a bunch of meaningless bs and feel I've set the world right.... but the real test comes in this: Did you see the real world today?
Scottie, in another posting, stated a great challenge: get involved. Here's another, get aware!
I am really going to try to do better on this. Please feel free to nudge me now and again. -r.

Sometimes I forget...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Some animal pics...

1. I look the same when I get french fries. 2.
6. Looking out at a new world.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

this little one

He walks through my dreams, This little one with the green eyes. Where old men lust for power, There this little one lies. Do they see this little one? This little one with the green eyes? Or do old men’s lust for power Simply tell their own lies? His silence screams in my mind. This little one with the green eyes. My heart beats with conviction For allowing old men’s lies. His silence convicts my own. This little one with the green eyes. I’ve failed to stop them, little one, And somewhere another child lies.

I don't think I'm being bigoted about this...

Hello friends;
I was sitting in a meeting and found myself in the very uncomfortable position of having to sit next to, well, one of them. You know how they are, all weird and ...well, I was just so very uncomfortable with the whole thing.
Things were ok for a while, there were other people in the room and we were discussing business issues and such. Hey, what are you going to do... you go to work and there they are sometimes. But then everyone left on errands for just a minute or two, left us sitting there alone. Gave me the heebies. Oh, and then he wanted to strike up conversation.... what in the world am I going to have to talk with this guy about? I don't know that I could even imagine the things he finds interesting.
Oh, for the most part, he seems like he tries to be just one of the guys, but you know it's all a put-on. I mean, sometimes, he will even drive a pick-up truck. But, he always comes in wearing a fancy shirt and tie. The nerve. And, so, ok, he's tall and lean and I guess handsome, but does he have to dress like that? Look, a work shirt and jeans is good enough for me, it should be fine for him too, shouldn't it? Well, I guess he's not one to get dirty and all. You know what that type are all about.
And I just hate going into his office. I mean does he have to have his lover's picture there right on the desk? Ok, so he owns the company and all, but still he should have to show some decorum. I mean, I guess I'm as liberal as the next guy, well mostly; I mean, couldn't there be a town or city or something just for "them" .... where I don't have to be subjected to this stuff? I mean, does he have to have pictures up? I don't want to see that.... there he is smiling in his fancy shirt with his wife and her fancy shirt. Even the kids had fancy shirts on. Damn heterosexuals.... they should just lock them up and keep them away from us normal people.
( I hope everyone who reads this understands it is a parody on prejudice and how a person in the majority may think about a person who is in a minority. I had a panic that I'd offended some people, so this addition is to put my mind and heart to rest on that concern. Also, check out this link: )

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Some Cuties in 3 Groups...

Hi Everyone; I had meant to post some cuties or naughties last weekend, then got caught up in the article on Fear. It's been a bit of a week....I seem to be having more of those lately.... and so I didn't get back even until now. Well, I hope these are eye catching for you, too.

Group 2

I love the confidence these two cuties bring to the picture. I always hated having my pic taken...of course, I didn't look this good.

Group 3.

Boy, there is something about a young man in tighty whitey's that just gets my heart to pump.