Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cody Simpson - coming into his stride

Hi Friends; I have heard this young man sing a couple of times through various sites. I always thought he was a step off, a youngster not quite finding the rythym of himself. imho, a singer needs to know himself before he can really broadcast his feelings. Well, I think this young man is on his way. Again, who am I....but I think he is one to watch. Frankly, I think he has far more talent than another young man who seems to be gorging on the spotlight at the moment. So, maybe we will see this one rise as high. Let's hope so. The sun came out today. I took pups for a walk, enjoying the warm rays on my face. It was still cool, don't get me wrong - summertime isn't here. But, wow, I think I'm ready to be warm again.

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