Friday, November 16, 2012

The Strength Required.

Hello Friends;

  I just spoke with you all about how I've felt it necessary to maintain a separation betwixt the randy that is on this blog, and the randy that stumbles through the days.  Then, I see this picture as I'm doing a bit of surfing:
   This young man is beautiful.  He is attractive in a classic sense, pretty is a gay sense, and outside of that earring bole and damned flower that is frustrating my voyeuristic tendencies, I find him absolutely wonderful.  Further, though, it struck me when I looked at this picture that here is a person brave enough to be free.
  We get ourselves stuck on blending in with the crowd, or at least I do.  I feel the need to be accepted, avoid judgement and criticism, be just like everyone else.  Yet, I yearn to be so courageous, to be so free, to be me, however that would show itself.
  To all those who stretch that envelope:  Thank you.  And, would someone move that damn flower!  

A bit of explanation....

Hello My Wonderful Friends;

  I thought I would take just a moment and explain myself;

  You see, in addition to my 40+ hour a week job, as many of you know, I also do lawn care.  So, tonight is basically the first night this week that I've not worked doing leaves after my day job - frankly I needed a night off. 

  I've also increased my involvement with the local rescue organization.  I hope you will all forgive me, but I'm keeping that life separate.  I feel like a schmuck doing so, but as - again - some of you know, my "blogger life" and the facade of my daily life are not quite so similar as I would like.  I am finding that they are coming closer every day, but I'm not ready to be so free quite yet.  I will tell you that I've created another blog to showcase the pictures I take, so others can see themselves with the dogs, or just see the dogs in a different environment than our very professional photographer uses.
  I guess this is taking at least 5 hours a week, posting the pics and handling any comments or problems.  Likely more, you know how it is...

  I've tried to begin my writing again.  I'm actually a bit stuck on one, so if anyone would like to read it and offer ideas, I'd love the help.

  Finally, I spend about an hour every night - well, every night but this one - I've sort of made tonight a lazy night.  I told Scottie that I bought a pizza, rented a movie, and have spent the last 5 hours trying to flatten my butt in this chair. --- Anyway, every night, I spend some time with my dog.  She's home alone a lot, and I sometimes worry that I've brought her into a solitary confinement situation.  So, we go out and play, work on discipline and things, and basically bond.  Tonight, she spent some time in my lap - a 60 pound lap dog! - as I watched the movie.
  I'm thinking a lot about getting another dog.  I may choose to foster, or maybe I adopt another.  I'm not sure if I have the time, or if it is even a good idea.    Thoughts????

  So, why do I tell you all of this?  Well, I guess I feel bad that I'm not posting like I used to.  And, I wanted to tell you why.  Also, I wanted to say that come next month I should have more time..... no leaves in December, don't you know.  I've not forgotten you all, nor turned my back, just a bit overwhelmed for the moment.