Friday, November 16, 2012

A bit of explanation....

Hello My Wonderful Friends;

  I thought I would take just a moment and explain myself;

  You see, in addition to my 40+ hour a week job, as many of you know, I also do lawn care.  So, tonight is basically the first night this week that I've not worked doing leaves after my day job - frankly I needed a night off. 

  I've also increased my involvement with the local rescue organization.  I hope you will all forgive me, but I'm keeping that life separate.  I feel like a schmuck doing so, but as - again - some of you know, my "blogger life" and the facade of my daily life are not quite so similar as I would like.  I am finding that they are coming closer every day, but I'm not ready to be so free quite yet.  I will tell you that I've created another blog to showcase the pictures I take, so others can see themselves with the dogs, or just see the dogs in a different environment than our very professional photographer uses.
  I guess this is taking at least 5 hours a week, posting the pics and handling any comments or problems.  Likely more, you know how it is...

  I've tried to begin my writing again.  I'm actually a bit stuck on one, so if anyone would like to read it and offer ideas, I'd love the help.

  Finally, I spend about an hour every night - well, every night but this one - I've sort of made tonight a lazy night.  I told Scottie that I bought a pizza, rented a movie, and have spent the last 5 hours trying to flatten my butt in this chair. --- Anyway, every night, I spend some time with my dog.  She's home alone a lot, and I sometimes worry that I've brought her into a solitary confinement situation.  So, we go out and play, work on discipline and things, and basically bond.  Tonight, she spent some time in my lap - a 60 pound lap dog! - as I watched the movie.
  I'm thinking a lot about getting another dog.  I may choose to foster, or maybe I adopt another.  I'm not sure if I have the time, or if it is even a good idea.    Thoughts????

  So, why do I tell you all of this?  Well, I guess I feel bad that I'm not posting like I used to.  And, I wanted to tell you why.  Also, I wanted to say that come next month I should have more time..... no leaves in December, don't you know.  I've not forgotten you all, nor turned my back, just a bit overwhelmed for the moment.



Sammy B said...

Hello Randy
It's a good thing that you've got enough going on in your life to not leave too much time for blogging, I would have thought. And there's nothing wrong with a 'chill-out' evening, either. Enjoy!

Love & best wishes
Sammy B

randy said...

Hi Sammy;
Yeah, sometimes blogging is the sign of a lot of free time. :)
It is also very liberating for me and I not only need that but always hoped that others would find it a place to have their own say without fear of being judged. Frankly, in our little world, we need that sometimes.
So, I feel a bit bad about not posting, not putting forth ideas, sharing my self, etc.

Scottie said...

Wow, you have a life...what a situation...did you get it approved by management? LOL

Actually, all joking aside I think it is grand you have so much more in your life than your blog. It is a great blog, and I love it, but you are so much more. I have often thought your writing so good you could make a grand journalist or even novelist.

That you are helping to save those who are among the neediest of us on this planet, those who can't ask for help for themselves, shows so much of the HUMAN you are. Also the fact you have found friends and people who you like, and who like having you around them is also quite exciting, if not totally understandable and expected. After all many of us here in cyber space also like to spend time with you, why wouldn't the people you come in contact every day?

So don't worry about a few missed posts, just know we all love you and are excited for you...but if you happen to develop a "special" interest..Well know we will want a FULL and DETAILED report....LOL

much love and many hugs

randy said...

Ah, thank you, Scottie;

I've been doing a small amount of reading in Buddhism, and currently about the preciousness of life. It brings so many regrets to my mind, but also challenges me.
I'm certainly willing to give you the report when I find that special person. Better yet, we'll come visit. ;)