Monday, September 10, 2012

Let It Be.

Hello Friends;

  I get so very tired.  So very tired.   There is something odd about a person who gets paid to rant and rave.  (Hey... I do it for free!)  The silly thing is that they are much like the evening news... if it bleeds, it leads.... and they get lots of money portray the extremes.  Case in point:  Rush Limbaugh, and this odd new person I'm hearing about named Linda Harvey.  They talk and talk, mostly putting their foot in their mouth as they rant and rave about whatever seems the most spectacular at the moment - and they seem to resent anyone having a different opinion to the point of bashing them.

  Well, I guess I have to step forward and say that I have a different opinion.  You see, I'm an adult male who has had nothing but misery from women.  I don't find them sexually attractive.  I do find males attractive.  So, by this - I'm now a horrible person, destined to be the downfall of mankind?  Oh yes... it won't be the war-mongers, or the "War Pigs" as Ozzy named them, who have nuclear weapons, biological weapons, who engage in genocidal campaigns, allow greed to starve women and children, .... aaargh!..... It won't be greedy stock and bond manipulators wiping out the economy and my 401k, or the politicians that sell our country right out from underneath our feet.  It won't be the depletion of the rain forests, the odd changes in the climate, the changes in the ocean ecology, or even earthquakes and tidal waves that wipe out nuclear plants.  Nope... it will be goofy ole me, struggling to find hope and love in this world in which I so often feel so very alone!

  Well, I'm a grown adult.  I'm not so easily bruised by the slings and arrows of the haters.  I laugh at them when they so blatantly butcher the very scriptures in which they claim describe their lofty state -- in specific, using Matt. 19:4-6 - which has now become a verse about "one man, one woman" rather than using the Hebraic Law to be cruel to one's wife.  Talk about missing the point.    But, frankly, these people are making me weary. 

  Why do they hate us so?    Why do people listen to them?    And why, amongst the huge number of crippling problems in this world - cancer, starvation, murder, hurt, heartache, fear, etc. - have they chosen to use their moments in the light to kick those of us who only want love?