Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I found this incredible..

Incredible.  Intriguing.  Mysterious.  Sensuous.  Athletic.   These are words I found running descriptive to this performance.  I was truly enjoying the show, and would love to have been there.  The mystic music, coupled with the rythmic dance, seemed to make the performance a rapture.  I was enthralled by the obvious talent, the sinuous movement, and the strenght required.  Great performance, please watch.  It was titled: Circonvolution improbable.

A three minute vacation...

Hi Friends;

  I couldn't post this here.  But, please click on this link and relax... LINK ... I think it will be a nice few minutes for you.  It was for me.

"Don't say Gay"

Hello Friends;
   There is now a bill before the Tennesee  congress which would instruct the public schools to not say anything about "gay" issues, at all, before high school.  Really?  Well, who needs reality.