Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Don't say Gay"

Hello Friends;
   There is now a bill before the Tennesee  congress which would instruct the public schools to not say anything about "gay" issues, at all, before high school.  Really?  Well, who needs reality.



Scottie said...

OK the big point I noticed was they kept talking about the parents job to talk to their kids......sorry but my education from adults on sex was not verbal and not something that should have happened. I never had my parents tell me anything. I did hear a lot of bad trash talk, and while my step father could push my mom around that was OK, two men loving each other was a huge joke and very disgusting, ( yet in the family those who talked loud and laughed at Gays would use me )

My point is that kids rarely live in a home where they can talk to their parents, where the parents are willing to teach real world values and anything about sex. The parents are normally in denial about their kids sexuality...they wouldn't want sex, my 16 year old is a angel. Oh my Gods, to some parents to even think their kids know about body parts or have desires is just not even in their minds.

So you have kids thinking that they can't get pregnant if the drink a soda first before hand, or they can't get a STD from oral sex because it is not true sex. Stupid stuff.

Hugs, Scottie

randy said...

That is foolish. The parents have basically come out and declared that they are incapable of teaching their children math, science, composition and vocabulary, which are all fairly straight forward in degree, but are insisting on their ability to teach about sex. Well, the first step to overcoming ignorance is to admit it....and the best way to perpetuate ignorance is to deny it.
I guess they have declared themselves.