Saturday, February 12, 2011

You ever get that numb feeling?

Today, I'm embarassed to tell you, I had one of those moments, one of those points of the day where the absurd was so commonplace that I didn't realize just how it was so inexcusable. Perhaps I'm slow, or perhaps I'm coming to find that little land of blithe ignorance too enticing. How could I miss the unmissable? How could I not see what was so obviously impossible to continue?
What I speak on is the article in Milkboys today...see link: regarding the, now think on this, labeling of a ten year old as a sex offender, and worse, one who was tortured and abused himself. Thankfully Scottie wrote on this, giving me that nudge from the land of the "huh?" into a bit of action, however impotent. Please see his blog:
We are inundated on a daily basis with the absurd, the incredible, and the outright criminally obscene, so it is somewhat understandable to be a bit inured of the whole mess. In our own defense, we hear stories about Lindsey Lohan and "Bieber-fever" with an insipid grin, thankful that our minds are no longer being bombarded by the insanity of the real world for the moment. We can look at a growing young man and say: "ha! he looks like a girl" and go on with our day feeling like we've set the world right once more. Or, I can spout a bunch of meaningless bs and feel I've set the world right.... but the real test comes in this: Did you see the real world today?
Scottie, in another posting, stated a great challenge: get involved. Here's another, get aware!
I am really going to try to do better on this. Please feel free to nudge me now and again. -r.

Sometimes I forget...