Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sometimes I forget...


Anonymous said...

It is sad that I wonder not at the good fortune I have but the idea as to maybe these numbers have changed ...and not in the right way.

I am a lucky person, but the american dream is dying and I can't figure out how to get it back. When I hear more people have the hope of winning the lottery as their retirement plan than actually have any hope of having money to retire on.

I work with people who should be among the wealthy ones, yet are on pay check from losing everything. Why? Because first things cost so much, and second we have been told we need more and bigger and all the toys or we are not making it. Buy the new phone on credit even thought the last one is still being paid for.

Hugs to all, Scottie

Anonymous said...

I have been told this (basically, not verbatim) since college. I am one of the wealthiest, on paper. But when I chose to spend more than I make, I am actually one of the poorest.

randy said...

Hi Scottie and Anon;
I think you both hit on something. When I look at the old tv shows, I see a family that eats together in the home, I see one car - or maybe two, but both reasonable and reliable, I see a level of comfort that doesn't require the newest of gadgets. We don't make as much as we used to, and we spend more than we should. I am trying to learn how to be leaner, less needy for the new shiney thing. I am trying to live life with less distraction....and yet here I am on this darn contraption. Well, I'll keep trying.
Thanks for the comments!