Saturday, July 21, 2012

And the lead story on the 6:00 news....

Hello Friends;

  Today I had the opportunity to be at another adoption event for one of the local dog/cat rescue organizations, where I was viciously attacked by a dog of a customer to the store where we were set up!!!
  I had just taken one of the rescue dogs from the foster parent's car.... he was full of energy and so very, very happy to be there.  When out of no-where, amidst the noise and fury of a furry four pound fuzz ball and the panicked screaming of the little girl still holding an empty leash, I was caught up in a mad scramble of one attacking dog and another dog totally confused by this squeaking dervish snapping at anything in reach. 
  Taking the high road, literally, I snapped up the large dog to shoulder height as we both stared down at this maniacal miniature dust mop in awe as he attempted to unhinge his jaw enough to actually bite me in the calf.  A vicious attack carried out in the most cruel manner while an elderly woman and little girl looked on in horrified disbelief.   Thankfully I was clothed in the latest personal protection gear - worn out denim jeans - thereby halting the crazed canine's canines before I could lose such an important limb.
  In moments, a mad dash was under way as little girl, her mother, and vicious dog all piled into a rusting minivan and escaped into the mid-day sun.  The attack witnesses,  numerous pet rescue volunteers and store customers, stood in awe - no less awe than I and the dog still riding on my shoulders, as that rusty minivan disappeared into the wavering heat, dust and traffic... a defiant and  psychopathic snarl drifting back to us in the summer breeze.
  My new four legged friend and I made our way to the others with a shared shrug.  Concerned citizens everywhere stopped to be sure we had survived the ordeal, and I assured them it was a close call but we were yet whole.

  I am yet awaiting the call from my congressman that legislation has been enacted to be sure such outragious attacks never occur again.  He surely will have a news conference soon....

glad to be alive;

(Oh, I have GOT to stop writing my blog posts after watching the news!   hugs.)

What do you think?

Hi Everyone;

Reading your comments to the below post, I had to wonder; is it the tool or the user? Is it that some tools, as you said Sammy, have really only the one use and opportunity seems to find a place, much like owning a hammer brings about an abundance of things needing hammered? My father, when I was about 7, gave me my first hammer. I soon went out and destroyed our front steps - I felt the corners needed rounding. What sort of idiocy would I have done with a shotgun?

Nikki, you believe we really should outlaw guns, as it is the gun that is the problem.

On the other hand, the hammer, and in reality also the gun, are really not able to operate themselves. Can we blame the hammer that I am an idiot? Well, perhaps in hindsight, giving a 7year-old a hammer is foolish - is it equally foolish to give an immature person a gun?  How do we differentiate between the mature and the idiot without destroying simple human rights?

Scottie, you noted that the mindset that sees violence as cool is well developed and cultivated in America.

Which begs the question; if it isn't the gun - or in my case, the hammer, what other piece of foolishness would I have chosen?  What would be used then, for someone bent on killing people.... a bomb?  It just seems like there are some who are so very determined to hurt others.

What do you think?