Saturday, July 21, 2012

What do you think?

Hi Everyone;

Reading your comments to the below post, I had to wonder; is it the tool or the user? Is it that some tools, as you said Sammy, have really only the one use and opportunity seems to find a place, much like owning a hammer brings about an abundance of things needing hammered? My father, when I was about 7, gave me my first hammer. I soon went out and destroyed our front steps - I felt the corners needed rounding. What sort of idiocy would I have done with a shotgun?

Nikki, you believe we really should outlaw guns, as it is the gun that is the problem.

On the other hand, the hammer, and in reality also the gun, are really not able to operate themselves. Can we blame the hammer that I am an idiot? Well, perhaps in hindsight, giving a 7year-old a hammer is foolish - is it equally foolish to give an immature person a gun?  How do we differentiate between the mature and the idiot without destroying simple human rights?

Scottie, you noted that the mindset that sees violence as cool is well developed and cultivated in America.

Which begs the question; if it isn't the gun - or in my case, the hammer, what other piece of foolishness would I have chosen?  What would be used then, for someone bent on killing people.... a bomb?  It just seems like there are some who are so very determined to hurt others.

What do you think?


Sammy B said...

Hello Randy
There are, as you say, and doubtless always have been, those who want to hurt others, for whatever reason, and they will always find some weapon to do so. A simple way of reducing the likelihood of events like the Colorado shootings, though, it seems to me, is to make it much more difficult to obtain weapons of the lethality of those used yesterday. It's very difficult to legally own a gun, of any sort, in the UK, and it was announced earlier this week that the recorded number of murders and manslaughters in this country last year was at a 30-year low. I don't think those two facts are unconnected. The user, ultimately, is in control of the tool, but the more difficult the tool is to obtain, the less likely it is to find a user, in my opinion.

Love & best wishes
Sammy B

Scottie said...

Hello Randy. Both you and Sammy make good points. Sammy is correct as my quick research shows that countries that have stricter gun owner ship laws have a much reduced murder and gun violence rate.

Locks on doors keep the average crook out, not the really determined one who swears to get in at any costs. That is the difference. Yes responsible gun owner ship is a part of the American culture, but it is too easy to get illegal access to guns for criminal purposes.

I often wonder why hunters need assault rifles, do deer and small game shoot back? Why does the target hunter need a thirty round magazine?

I like target shooting, I like using a shot gun for skeet shooting. I do not hunt. I have been trained on guns, but do not keep one in the house or own one now. Why...because I don't feel I need one. I do not think I live in thug land. I wont kill someone by accident.

I feel that yes Americans want to have the right to have weapons because the are so afraid. Afraid of others, of each other. I simply feel you do not have the need to take a gun everywhere you go, to any event, to any gathering. Hugs

Scottie said...

oh Randy, one other many people would have been able to escape this attack and others if the attacker had a knife instead of multiple round magazines? Think of that guy in Norway that killed all those kids, would he have been able to do so with a knife and a spear? Sorry but a gun changes the rules. It makes the small feel large, the weak feel strong...but the sad fact is most are not trained to properly handle them. Now not everyone who has a gun is reckless or has a mental problem. There are a huge number of regular people who own guns..however it increases the chance of a terrible thing happening. In West Palm Beach where I use to live...a guy who was your average Joe, lived down the road from a young kid who was a jerk. For several months the kid would do stupid things to irritate the man...he would ring the door bell and run...he would place dog poop on his front steps. One night after repeatedly having this young teen do dumb things like this, the man got his gun out. He raced to the door in anger and some how the young teen got shot. He died in the mans front yard. For being a stupid jerk kid ringing a door bell and calling names. The man said he felt threatened, yet he opened the door because he felt safe with his gun in his hand. He claimed he did not know how the gun went off. The kids parents were all angry but they never stopped his actions, but then wanted to sue the man and police. The man is in prison, he killed a kid. A kid is dead. No future for anyone in this story....why, because of a gun and the feeling of power it gave a harassed man who had had enough. Hugs

randy said...

Hi Scottie;
Please note: I am here to start a conversation. You and Sammy bring great points, and I am so thankful for your comments.
The simple fact, you are quite right. Guns, more often than not, do nothing but create death. The ironic part is that many people are like that man you mentioned and find themselves forever regretting the moment they used a gun.
Now for the question: Do you think things will change? I know some who went on a buying spree when Obama came into office sure that he would outlaw guns and ammo. There is a fear in many eyes when the concept of gun control arises.

Scottie said...

Hello Randy. Conversations are a good thing, wish we could have more in this world. no I don't think it will change much. Our culture is what it is. And human nature is what it is. When Obama came to office people who were of a mind set to be against him for what ever reason were scared, frightened, and turned to what gave them strength and security...some was religion and some was weaponry. We will modify some gun laws, more for show I think, than substance...I just worry about getting to the "Robocop " movies type thing. Hugs