Wednesday, November 30, 2011

funny signs

Hi Friends;
  I have had some things running through my mind lately.  I call them "Man rules"....though that seems to be taken by a whole list of other things.  These I see as rules for mankind to help sort through the bs of our daily lives.  I'd love your input on them and addition to the list.  For instance, I was reading a book recently and it talked about "good" vs. "evil"...and the general scope of things was that "evil" was being mistaken for the "good", the devil was being mistaken for the benevolent, just to start things out:
 1.  Words are Cheap.  The actions of the person, organization, etc., say a great deal more than the words from the propaganda office.
2.  Nothing good comes from Tequila.  No matter one's hopes, the complete removal of the brain in any action is doomed for failure. 
3.  Religious laws are only for Those In The Religion.  Debating any issue from a religious standpoint is doomed for irrelevence unless the person with whom you are debating is also of that religion.  And, any judgement is only valid for those who agree to be judged.
4.  Treat others as you would like to be treated.  This does not apply to you who are in S/M domination and leather games. 
5.  Treat myself as I would treat others.  If I don't expect respect for myself from myself, then how can I expect it from others.
* this is a new one for me and one I'm struggling to do.

Do you have some to share?  Please do.  I'd love to have some "rules" for us to live and love by.
I imagine that my personal rules will need editing and practical tweeking....but it's a start.

In the mean time, a neat vid: