Friday, December 24, 2010

ok, no one likes the serious ones, how about these?

May this start a wonderful day for you...

some new things to the blog

Hello all: Just to keep you up to date, there are a couple of new things to the blog. The first has to do with comments. I don't know if you are aware, but I recently received my first spam comment. I found it extremely rude of someone to do that. I've maintained a open comment section here, figuring I really enjoyed allowing people to comment as they feel and not edit or restrict what someone had to say. But, as we all know, spammers have no decency whatsoever. For now, I am going to maintain the open comment status. I may get some spam seems to be that once these people find you they don't just go away. I hope you are not effected by this and please be careful about following any links or suggestions from such. I will try to stay on tope of things. If it get's too bad I will just go to moderated comments and ask you all to be patient with me. The second thing is that I am adding a link into the blog roll. I received a comment from "M" at Beautiful Planet about how he reworked his site and all. I visited, and it is obvious that he has done a great deal of work. I saw nothing that would be grandmothers being butchered with kitchen cleavers or such, so it is being added. I did have one person tell me that he wasn't terrible fond of the site, but on review it really lives up to its is all about beauty, the beauty that is all around us. So, up it goes. Please stop by and see all the wonderful work he has done. My last point is about the Christmas songs and such. I have let people know from the first that I believe in a loving God Who forgives me. I know that others do not, and that's ok too. I'm not here to judge or try to convert. But, as blogs are quite hedonistic by their very nature, and this one is about sharing things I find good and beautiful and life affirming in a world filled with things often the very opposite, I shared some songs that lift my soul, my heart, and help me deal with some very difficult times. I hope you who read the blog understand that I am not trying to shove God down anyone's throat. Sometimes, we can hear something beautiful, see something beautiful, and though there may be a message included with which we don't agree there are other things which are good to see. I hope you are able to find that with these. As I close this, and as the year is coming to a close, I want to thank all of you who have helped me through. I feel like I've grown a great deal this year, that I've dealt with some things that have weighed me down and held me down. If I am ever able to more return the favor, please write to me. I may not have an answer, but I have two ears - I can at least listen and cry, be angry or laugh with you. May you all have a Merry Christmas, a wonderful winter holiday in whatever manner that you do....and yes, I am an ignorant American, please tell me what is special for you this time of year and help me to be less parochial.....and may all of our New Year be filled with happiness.