Friday, December 24, 2010

ok, no one likes the serious ones, how about these?


Anonymous said...

ROTFLMAO ........ Merry Christmas Randy. I hope you have a great holiday


randy said...

Merry Christmas Bern!
I'm glad you enjoyed them. Mom was wondering about the house busy and down due to my Aunt passing, the time constraints that caused which then limited her normal holiday rituals, and well..we just weren't in the spirit here. I saw that and had to call her into my office. I got a slap on the shoulder for it, but she was giggling as she left. They are heading back to their home, then off to Florida. I think I'll email it to her. ;)
Bern; may your Christmas be filled with happiness and joy; may you know peace in your heart and in your life, and may the new year bring you lots of love.
I am so glad you wrote. Thank you! -randy